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Season 4

Episode 62

(Sister-in-law and Brother’s Relationship Is Not That Good)

“You…” What she said was right, but Lu Beichen still wasn’t happy that she was interfering in Fu Chenxi’s matters.

“We are friends, to begin with. Is it wrong of me to do this?”

“Nobody asked for your concern. Just go be your Gu family’s mistress. Why are you being so nosy?”

“If I’m acting nosy, then what does that make you?” To think that she was his wife now. He didn’t give her any face and went straight to care about Fu Chenxi. What did he take her for?

“What? Chenxi left because of someone. Don’t you know who it was because of?”

“Who? Do you want to say that it’s me? Then you’re gravely mistaken, Lu Beichen. She left because you betrayed her. I betrayed her too, but it’s not because of me alone. The mistake back then was both of our responsibilities. It’s not me alone. Why are you trying to make yourself so clean and pure by blaming me?”

“You…” Lu Beichen was muddled at that moment and was drawn to her.

He initially thought that he shouldn’t have any feelings for her.

But perhaps it was because she was really too beautiful?

He always thought that they would never end up together because they always fought. But that night…

When he embraced her during the camp, he was so excited.

Fu Chenxi saw that they were starting to argue. She quickly said, “Stop fighting, you guys. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. Am I making you quarrel?”

The moment they started arguing, Fu Chenxi felt like she couldn’t interrupt them at all. She could only watch these two evenly-matched people in a heated argument.

Lu Beichen looked intensely at Gu Jingyan and then turned to Fu Chenxi. His expression became a lot more gentle. Gu Jingyan also scoffed and turned away.

Gu Jingze had an arm around Lin Che as they came in. A line of people welcomed Gu Jingze all the way to a special suite for him.

This place was really so huge that it instantly reminded Lin Che of the Titanic. The entire yacht was so huge that she felt very surprised.

Lin Che remarked, “Wow, this place is so big. There are so many people.”

Gu Jingze explained to her, “Yes. This is the biggest private yacht and it can accommodate 300 people. There are seventy invited guests now, so it will definitely be lively.”

“Wow. There are over two hundred hundred people serving seventy of you?”

“Some guests brought their families along. Besides the service staff, there are more staff members from the yacht operations.”

“That makes sense. Someone needs to drive the yacht.”

“Yes, silly. Come on, let’s go look at our room.”

Upon entering the room, Lin Che saw that the room was really more beautiful and cleaner than a five-star hotel. Naturally, Gu Jingze would be given the most luxurious suite. It was somewhat extravagant for the two of them. Lin Che quickly changed her clothes and Gu Jingze also got ready with the help of the maids.

On such a big yacht, there was naturally no rocking like a small boat. It felt very stable and flat. It was as if they were walking on solid ground instead of in a yacht.

Lin Che said, “This yacht is so stable.”

“Of course. It’s such a big yacht. The stability is excellent.”

“Oh my, I really feel like I’m in the movie, ‘Gone with the Wind’. It feels so luxurious.”

“Hey, stop drooling. We should be heading out.”

“O-oh, okay. Let’s go…”

Gu Jingze shook his head.

If other girls felt that they couldn’t match up, they would feel very inferior. They wouldn’t dare to show their faces in front of these wealthy people and they would also feel incompetent. However, this girl didn’t seem to mind at all. She still looked so calm.

Even with her country bumpkin demeanor, she still appeared so calm. It was so strange. He wondered how there could be such an odd woman on Earth.

Lu Chuxia was outside with her mother.

Her mother looked at Lu Chuxia and speechlessly asked, “How come you’re no longer in contact with your friends?”

Lu Chuxia only kept looking to the side, hoping to spot Gu Jingze.

He was already here just now, but she couldn’t see him at all.

Lu Chuxia only wanted to see Gu Jingze now. She really couldn’t like any other man.

The more she compared them to Gu Jingze, the more she felt that Gu Jingze was the only man for her. No other man could match up to him. Thus, seeing other men annoyed her. Why would she want to socialize with these men?

She said, “Mom, I don’t feel like going at all. Go find Brother. I don’t think his relationship with Sister-in-law is that great ever since they married.”

“So what? He can’t possibly do anything. Your brother is also too much. Jingyan is such a good wife. Why is he not happy about it at all? He didn’t even show up at the wedding and the Gu family didn’t say anything. He still dares to treat Jingyan this way.”

She was really fond of Gu Jingyan. She felt that Gu Jingyan was thoughtful, polite, and had a good personality. Although she was the Gu family’s young mistress, she didn’t have a prissy temper at all.

But her son was simply so blind. He had such a good wife, but he always had a straight face and even quarreled with Gu Jingyan so often.

Just then, Lu Chuxia saw Gu Jingze come out with Lin Che from a side.

He was with Lin Che again…

What was up with Gu Jingze now?

He actually brought Lin Che along with him everywhere he went.

Lu Chuxia pursed her lips. She watched Gu Jingze and Lin Che walk over while talking. It was as if nobody else was around them.

Lu Chuxia instantly felt very angry. She had to find an opportunity when Gu Jingze wasn’t with Lin Che. Especially when they were in such close proximity, this was such a good opportunity since they had to stay overnight on the yacht.

Lin Che saw Lu Chuxia and felt that she was staring at Gu Jingze.

That did not feel good at all.

She pursed her lips, looked at Lu Chuxia, and said to Gu Jingze, “Why don’t you go walk around? I need to find the washroom.”

“Okay, don’t get lost.”

Gu Jingze nagged at her.

Lin Che said, “I know, I’m not a kid. I’ll be right back.”

Actually, she couldn’t be bothered to greet Lu Chuxia. However, Lu Chuxia already saw Gu Jingze and she was definitely going to greet him. Therefore, Lin Che decided to slip away and avoid her.

As expected.

Outside, Lu Chuxia saw Gu Jingze and quickly went over to him, “Jingze, you’re here.”

“Yes,” Gu Jingze glanced at her and turned to Mother Lu at the side. “Aunty.”

“Good, good. Jingze, you’re here. Jingyan and the rest are over there.”

“I won’t go disturb the couple if there’s nothing going on,” Gu Jingze replied.

Mother Lu knew that he didn’t like lively atmospheres, so she only nodded and didn’t say much.

At the side, Lu Chuxia kept stealing silly glances at him. Although she was agonizing in her heart that he didn’t even greet her, she still thought that he was very mesmerizing the more she looked at him.





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