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Season 4

Episode 57

(Yang Lingxin Said That Some Documents Were Missing)

“Ah, that’s what I thought. How could he go there so easily? Seriously. What do we do now?”

“Okay, Mom. I’ll go check on him after this. He can stay in there for a few more days to reflect on himself.” Coming out would also spell trouble for them. He might as well be securely locked inside.

“Minmin, how can you say that about your dad? He is your father after all. It’s so messy in there and if anything happens to your father… How will your brother and I continue to live?”

Yu Minmin looked at her mother, “Mom, I am the one feeding you and Brother right now. He has no part in this.”


“Alright, Mom. Your body is weak. You should rest. I’m going to check on him.”

At the prison.

Father Yu saw that Yu Minmin arrived and he quickly said, “My good girl, I lost my head for a moment. I should have asked you first. Who would have thought that you would actually be able to hook the president? Did he tell you how much money he was giving you?”

“I came to give you your clothes,” Yu Minmin immediately handed his belongings to him.


Yu Minmin said, “You can stay in here for the time being. You’ll probably have to stay here for a short period. Don’t worry. I’ve already helped you apply for a single room, so there won’t be that much trouble. There are food and shelter here. Rest well.”

“You… You… Yu Minmin, you are an ungrateful girl. Are you abandoning your father now that you have the president?”

Yes. If it wasn’t for her brother, she would have left this family long ago. However, she really endured this unfatherly father for many years just for the sake of her brother.

Just then, Lin Che called Yu Minmin and asked where she was.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m going back right now. Don’t be so anxious.”

“Some documents are missing. Little Xin said that it was already like this when you passed them to her.”

“What documents are missing? Nevermind. I’m heading back now.”

Yu Minmin quickly reached the company.

Yang Lingxin was there, apologizing profusely, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Sister Che. I didn’t mean to, but I remember that this is all that Sister Yu passed to me.”

Yu Minmin said, “Is it the contract and endorsement information?”

“Yes… We lost some of the documents,” Lin Che said as she looked at Yu Minmin.

Yang Lingxin quickly said, “I’m sorry…”

Yu Minmin asked, “What’s the situation now?”

Yang Lingxin said, “I don’t know how some of the documents disappeared either. It’s just that Sister Yu was always so preoccupied the past few days. I think maybe she might have forgotten a thing or two.”

Lin Che looked at both of them and then said to Yu Minmin, “Nevermind. We must have lost it somewhere. We’ll ask if there’s a copy.”

“We can only do that,” Yu Minmin glanced at Yang Lingxin and didn’t say anything else.

When Yu Minmin brought Lin Che to the film set, she said to Lin Che, “I definitely didn’t miss any document when I passed them to her.”

Lin Che heard this and also said to Yu Minmin, “Yes, I believe that is not your work style.”

Yu Minmin continued, “Indeed so. But the way she said it, I can’t figure out if she’s intentionally pushing the blame on me. Seriously…”

Lin Che also felt that what she said made it seem as if she was trying to sow discord.

Thankfully, Lin Che had absolute faith in Yu Minmin. She knew that Yu Minmin would never let her personal matters affect her work. Even if she was preoccupied, she would make sure that she did her job well. But still, Lin Che couldn’t figure out why Yu Minmin was preoccupied.

She looked at Sister Yu, “Sister Yu, what’s wrong? Did something happen at home?”

Yu Minmin smiled, “What could have happened?”

“Your dad, your mom, or something else.”

“My dad got locked up in jail again, but it’s no big deal and I’m sure of it. It’s a lot less worrying when he’s locked up inside. I have no other troubles. Don’t worry about me.”

“Alright… You must tell me if you have any problems.”

“Don’t worry. I will if I need your help… Actually, my family was met with some misfortune and some accidents, but… Now, we’re still not sure what’s going to happen,” Yu Minmin knew that her affair with Mr. President was something nobody would ever believe. However, if it was real, she had to cooperate with Gu Jingming and become his fiancĂ©e. In that case, she had to let Lin Che know sooner or later.

But now, it was still unconfirmed and Yu Minmin didn’t want to bring this up at all.

Lin Che said, “Alright then. In any case, Sister Yu, remember not to bear everything alone. We’ll face it together. Maybe it’ll be a lot better.”

“Yeah, I know. Come on, let’s go to the film set.”

Lin Che and Yu Minmin went to the film set. Because the scenes had Gu Jingyu and he was not back with the crew, they filmed other scenes.

Lin Che arrived and everybody quickly welcomed her. A mob of fans was waiting outside for Gu Jingyu to return, but they also understood that he didn’t want to come to such a crowded place for the time being. Otherwise, something similar to Gu Jingze’s situation might repeat itself. That would be irreversible.

Among the mob were also some fans of Lin Che and Song Shuhai. They had been waiting outside this whole time and the moment Lin Che walked past, she could see her fans screaming and calling her name.

Lin Che waved her hand and it already made them very happy. They took photos of Lin Che and they looked very passionate.

At night, Lin Che very quickly returned home.

Gu Jingze was still recuperating at home. He didn’t wear any outer clothing. His body was still covered in gauze and it would be troublesome to put on clothes again.

Lin Che saw that Gu Jingze was still busy in the study room. She took a book and went into the study room to keep him company.

Gu Jingze finished after a while. He looked up and saw Lin Che reading a book. However, she was already nodding her head off.

Although it was still early, she seemed very bored here.

Gu Jingze said, “Since there’s nothing for you to do here, why don’t you go outside and watch TV or go to sleep?”

“No, I want to be with you,” she replied.

“But I have a video conference tonight. It might be a little late,” he said.

Lin Che replied, “It’s alright. I’m actually fine.”

The wounds on his body were not fully recovered yet. She couldn’t leave him alone in there as she was afraid that it would be too tough on him. What if something happened to his body and no one was there to look out for him?

Everybody knew that Gu Jingze was a workaholic. If nobody looked after him, he probably wouldn’t even be aware of his own health condition. Whether he felt well or not, he would continue working.

Thus, Lin Che insisted on being by his side as he worked. It actually wasn’t all that boring. She could watch him and that already satisfied her eyes.

But just then, Gu Jingze suddenly stood up and said to Lin Che, “Forget it. Come here. Let’s play for a bit.”

“Ah, can you? Aren’t you busy?”

“I only need to wait for them to get ready for the video conference now. Come over here.”

“Oh, okay. What? What? What do you want to do now?” Lin Che walked over and asked. “What are we going to do?”

Actually, Gu Jingze really wanted to say that he wanted to play with her…

But her wound…

He kept being so concerned about her body. He caused that injury and no matter what, it must have felt uncomfortable.

He looked at her and asked, “How do you want to play?”



  1. Hmmmmmm! Play? Let me come and be going

  2. Mr Gu I can suggest for u guys oo in case u don't hv any idea of wat u shld do
    U know wat I mean❤
    ~laughs mischievously

  3. U min mummy and daddy play?



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