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Season 4

Episode 56

(You Actually Really Had An Affair With Mr. President?)

Yu Minmin speechlessly said, “Mr. President, the reality is more complicated than the law. I was regularly beaten up when I was young. My mom would carry me and my brother out of the house every time. We would go back when my dad got over his madness. This is considered a minor injury. The worst I’ve got landed me in the hospital. I had thirteen stitches on my knee and that was normal to me. My dad is a gambling addict and I’ve already gotten used to it. So, this is nothing to me. Really, there’s no need to trouble you guys. I’ll make a move first.”

Gu Jingming looked at Yu Minmin. She only touched her lips, took her bag, and walked out.

Actually, she knew that her father must have been too excited and that was why he came running here.

When she knew that she actually slept with Gu Jingming at the start, she also felt that her world changed.

She got drunk that night and heard some sounds. After that, she was knocked unconscious and was brought into a room.

When she woke up, she found her hands being held tightly by a man.

He was also drunk and in the darkness. He somehow managed to pin her onto the bed.

She didn’t know who it was back then. When she turned on the lights, she then realized that the crazy man was Gu Jingming. She was completely stunned when she looked at the man whom she only ever saw on TV.

Gu Jingming stood at the bedside and also looked rather remorsefully at her.

Yu Minmin only said one thing to him at that time. She stumbled, “Is there any birth control pill…”

Gu Jingming immediately pulled Yu Minmin by the wrist and pinned her down on the bed again. He asked fiercely, “Who sent you?”

Yu Minmin only replied with a bewildered voice, “What do you mean by who sent me? I was dragged in here by someone. I didn’t see who it was.”

“You don’t know?” Gu Jingming looked intently at her.

Yu Minmin said, “Of course, I don’t know. Why would I?”

Gu Jingming probably already noticed that she still wasn’t wearing any clothes. He took some clothes and tossed them to her.

Yu Minmin thought that this man wasn’t as nice as what everybody said at all.

First of all, he wasn’t the least bit close to his people.

Second of all, he wasn’t friendly at all.

She only felt that he was very unreasonable, overbearing, aloof, and… and he wasn’t the Mr. President that everyone said that he was.

Gu Jingming quickly put on his clothes as he stared at her putting on hers.

Yu Minmin endured the pain and wore her clothes. She heard Gu Jingming say, “This is only an accident. I hope you understand this.”

“Of course, I know,” Yu Minmin replied. “This is really an accident.”

“I better not be hearing any gossips outside,” he narrowed his eyes at Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin only looked at him very exasperatedly, “Of course! I won’t tell anybody about it. Even if I did, do you think anyone would believe me?”

If she told anyone that she got drunk yesterday and accidentally slept with Mr. President, people would probably think that she was an idiot.

When she was about to open the door, Gu Jingming told her to wait.

After that, he called the astonished head secretary from outside. He instructed her and said, “Send her out discreetly.”

Yu Minmin went out through some secret passage at that time. She was followed by some of the presidential guards who looked extremely professional, neat and expressionless. They were all specially chosen to represent the country, so they were also rather handsome.

Yu Minmin felt as though she was in a dream to have accidentally slept with Gu Jingming.

Who was he? He was C Nation’s most popular president in history: Gu Jingming.

And now the people following her behind were actually the presidential guards. Thinking about it, it was really unbelievable.

That was her first time coming into contact with the presidential guards and head secretary. Little did she expect that this accident would result in this today.

Yu Minmin looked up at Gu Jingming and said, “I’m really sorry about my dad. I’ll handle this back at home and won’t let him trouble you in the future.”

Gu Jingming only looked at her and nodded subtly.

Yu Minmin said, “Well, I’ll be going.”

Gu Jingming nodded again.

Yu Minmin spoke to Linda and walked out.

The presidential guards had already disappeared and left the Glazed Tile Palace. This side was almost completely empty. Although there were people taking photos in the distance, nobody dared to come closer.

Yu Minmin just got down the step when she suddenly felt herself spinning and she fell back on the step.

A few of the presidential guards were already surrounding her.

Gu Jingming also came out of nowhere and immediately carried Yu Minmin up.

Her face had grown pale and her nose already had droplets of perspiration.

Linda looked at Gu Jingming in surprise, “Sir, there are so many people watching… What do we do now?”

“It’s fine. Send her to the hospital.”

Gu Jingming looked up at the curious onlookers outside and spoke calmly.

Linda thought that it was also right. Now, this was a cover for them. The president saw an injured person and sent her off. He was simply seen caring for someone. There was no big deal about it.

But Gu Jingming was simply too random. They could never quite keep up with his thoughts.

When Yu Minmin came to in the hospital, she saw a nurse’s face approach her, “Miss, you’re awake.”

“Er, yes. Where am I…”

“You’re in the hospital. My gosh, Mr. President personally sent you here.”


Gu Jingming?

Why would he be so kind?

“Yes yes. It was my first time seeing Mr. President in real life. He’s so handsome, graceful, and he’s so tall. He looked like he just walked out of a painting.”

Yes, he was tall and handsome but he was a little perverted, overbearing, aloof and cold…

This was merely the face of a liar , Yu Minmin thought.

The nurse was especially excited, “How did you faint and get sent here by Mr. President? Do you know him?”

Yu Minmin let out a sigh, “I don’t.”

“Is that so? How can that be? Average people like us would never get to see Mr. President on a normal day.”

“It was just a coincidence.”

“Wow, then you must be really lucky. Mr. President is so tall. It must have felt very blissful when he carried you like that.”

“Yes, very blissful. You haven’t told me what exactly happened to me,” Yu Minmin speechlessly reminded her.

“Oh, right. Your blood sugar level is low and your face was swollen. Were you hit by someone?”

“No… Since it’s no major issue, I would like to leave.”

“Hey, you…” The nurse still wanted to ask her but seeing as she left, she felt that it was a waste.

Yu Minmin returned home and her mother hurried over to ask, “How’s your dad?”

Yu Minmin speechlessly said, “He barged into the Glazed Tile Palace. What do you think happened?”

“Oh my God. He… He didn’t get shot, did he?”

“He didn’t, but he is now locked up.”





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