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Season 4

Episode 55

(Mr. President Is So Shocking)

Lin Che yelped, “Put me down, put me down. It’s going to be so embarrassing if anyone sees us.”

“It’s okay. Let them see. What’s wrong with carrying my own wife?”

In actual fact, the people outside were really looking at them.

Lu Chuxia watched from a distance as Gu Jingze carried Lin Che and spun around in the field.

Gu Jingze was so tall that he looked like he was carrying a doll when he carried Lin Che.

Lin Che laughed loudly as her face beamed. That scene looked like they were in a painting.

Lu Chuxia was enraged. Not only did she fail to run down Lin Che, but Lin Che was also even in the mood to enjoy Gu Jingze’s embrace and mightiness. Seriously…

Lu Chuxia scoffed and walked away.

Gu Jingze only wanted to cheer Lin Che up today. He didn’t like anything that could make Lin Che unhappy.

After deliberating here and there, they picked a horse that was rather good. It was mild-mannered and easy to ride. Although it was not cheap, he felt that it suited Lin Che a lot.

Gu Jingze bought the horse for Lin Che and then left with her.

Lin Che then returned to the company again. She made an appointment with the studio, said that she was done with her journey, and was ready to return to filming.

At the company, Yang Lingxin received Lin Che and said to her, “Sister Che, did you go to the horse ranch yesterday?”

“Yes, how did you know?” she asked.

Yang Lingxin said, “I saw your photo. Didn’t you post it on Weibo? See this.”

Lin Che then recalled that she had been too busy to scroll through the news.

Many people already left comments below. Some explained that Lin Che took the group selfie at the ranch entrance because there wasn’t enough time to take a photo with every single person.

Everyone instantly thought that Lin Che was so heartwarming.

Yang Lingxin said, “Everybody online says that you’re so nice. You’re nice to the fans and to those who pass by on the street. Sister Che, how did you do it? How did you make so many people think so positively about you?”

Lin Che said speechlessly, “I didn’t do anything, I’m just… credulous. I don’t want to offend people and everybody wants to see a celebrity. I can understand that feeling.”

Yang Lingxin said enviously, “I also hope that everybody will like me one day. Sister Che, I must learn from you.”

Lin Che chuckled and patted her head.

Lin Che asked where Yu Minmin went. Yang Lingxin said that Yu Minmin had been preoccupied the past two days and it made her feel strange.

She didn’t know where Yu Minmin was now either.

At home.

Yu Minmin made a beeline for her room.

Her mother saw Yu Minmin and called out, “Your father insisted that it was you. What am I going to do now that he has gone to ask for money from the president? What are we going to do if he dies right outside the president’s office?”

Yu Minmin was working when she received a call saying that her father saw the photo online. When he saw the photo, he was absolutely certain that it was Yu Minmin in the photo. He thought that Yu Minmin definitely had some relationship with the president, so he wanted to ask for money from the president.

Mother Yu said, “What are we going to do? I told him that it was impossible. How could you have a relationship with the president? But he refused to listen.”

Yu Minmin didn’t say that it was indeed her.

And her father’s eyes were so accurate. He probably saw some of her belongings at the side.

Yu Minmin called Linda and told her that her father might have gone to the president’s office.

Linda said that he was already outside the Glazed Tile Palace causing a scene. They were afraid something would happen to him, so they locked him in the security room.

Yu Minmin felt very apologetic.

“I’m sorry to trouble you guys. I’m heading over right now.”

Linda put down the phone and felt that her impression of Yu Minmin changed a little. In the beginning, she thought that Yu Minmin intentionally wanted to get close to Gu Jingming, so she stayed alert on her toes. Now, she thought that she was actually just part of the public. She was living such a small and tough life.

Yu Minmin felt very vexed. This father of hers was giving her too much trouble.

Thinking about it gave her a headache.

Enduring it also gave her a headache. She hurried to the Glazed Tile Palace.

Linda was already waiting outside. Yu Minmin went in and saw her father. Her father spoke with excitement, “Minmin, tell me. Is this you or not? You have a mole on your hand. I remember it very clearly. I said that it was you but your mother didn’t believe me.”

Yu Minmin pulled him, “Enough, come with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere. That is the president and he is loaded. You can’t simply be toyed with for free. Are you stupid?”

“Dad, understand this clearly. This has nothing to do with you. Leave with me now.”

“Let me go. I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving if I don’t get my money.”

“Do you want to die here?” she turned around and asked.

Father Yu insisted, “You’re the president’s woman. How can you let me die here?”

Not wanting to talk with him anymore, Yu Minmin dragged him with her.

Father Yu was annoyed. He faced Yu Minmin and slapped her, “You unfilial daughter! How dare you drag your old man? I raised you and you’re treating me this way?”

Yu Minmin lost her balance and fell on the table.

Just then, the surrounding presidential guards came up to them.

Yu Minmin heard Gu Jingming say coldly from behind, “Take Miss Yu away.”

She looked up and saw that Gu Jingming was already right in front of her.

He was already outside just now. He saw everything and watched Yu Minmin struggle with her rather insane father.

But suddenly, her father became crazy and slapped her.

Father Yu never saw the president besides on the TV. He was stumped.

Gu Jingming gazed at him and instructed with disgust, “Send him to the police station for intentionally harming her.”

“Hey, you… I’m Yu Minmin’s father. Tell me, is something going on between you two? Hey, it looks like it’s true. Gosh, Minmin… Minmin, you’re really useful now. You managed to hook the president. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Yu Minmin stood outside, shaking her head which felt dizzier. She touched the corner of her lips.

“Don’t move,” Gu Jingming’s voice suddenly sounded from behind. “You’re bleeding.” As he spoke, he grabbed hold of her wrist.

Yu Minmin lifted her head and looked up in astonishment at Gu Jingming.

Gu Jingming’s thin lips were pursed. He looked at her proudly.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m fine. It’s just a small wound.”

He asked, “That’s your father?”

Yu Minmin nodded, “I don’t know how he found out about our picture. I’m sorry. I didn’t know how he came over here.”

“I’ve sent him to be locked up.”

“Ah… Alright. Actually, he should be familiar with the police station. Just let him calm down in there for a few days. I’m sorry. He was too excited. Mr. President is always on TV after all and it was his first time seeing you in person. He must not be used to it. I’ll warn him not to cause any trouble again.”

Gu Jingming frowned. His eyes were still fixated on the trace of blood at the corner of her lips.

Half of her face was already swollen and it looked rather serious.

Yu Minmin said, “I’m fine. I’ve been through worse than this countless times when I was young. This is not a big deal.”

Gu Jingming said, “You should apply for family assistance. I remember that there’s a law for it in C Nation.”





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