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Season 4

Episode 58

(Being Disturbed Made The Heart Upset)

“You probably don’t play games…”

“Not really.”

“Do you know ‘Struggle Against the Landlord’?”

“What is that?”

“It’s nothing too big; it’s just a card game. Oh well, I don’t think we can play anything at all. What interests do you normally have?” Lin Che thought that Gu Jingze seemed to be a person with no interests.

Gu Jingze said, “Drink tea, work out, listen to music… Writing.”

“Writing? What kind of interest is that?”

“Calligraphy,” Gu Jingze replied.

Lin Che said in surprise, “You know calligraphy?”

“Of course. My grandfather personally taught me. He wrote a small regular script that was very famous during that period.”

Lin Che asked, “Can you write it and show me?”

“You don’t have any interest in it. Why do you want to see it?”

“I’ve never seen anyone practice calligraphy in person. It’s such an ancient thing to me and I actually have someone beside me who can do it…”

“…” Gu Jingze looked speechlessly at her.

Who was she calling ‘ancient’…

Gu Jingze looked at her, “That’s because nobody around you is literate and would try such cultured activities!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m not calling you ancient. I’m saying that this is really rare…”

“You’ve been surrounded with people like Qin Qing. What kind of rubbish things can they present to you?”

“…” Lin Che knew that he was angry because she said that he was ancient.

He could be angry for all she cared, but he didn’t have to drag in innocent people.

“Yes, yes, yes. Nobody is as capable as my Hubby. He knows everything and even such high-caliber things. Please quickly demonstrate it for me.”

Gu Jingze grunted. Seeing that she was so obedient, he then looked up and asked for his people to bring in the calligraphy paper, ink, and pen.

A while later, the tools were brought into the room.

When everything was arranged on the table, Gu Jingze picked up the brush and said to Lin Che, “I haven’t practiced in a long time.”

“Nevermind, just write something. I won’t laugh at you.”

Gu Jingze already began to write.

He did not use a lot of strength and very quickly, beautiful and black handwriting was on the white paper. Lin Che instantly felt as if this was magic. It looked so beautiful. This handwriting was amazing.

His handwriting was just like him; it was beautiful on the surface. Each stroke was clean and neat. It didn’t seem to leave excess ink and it was extremely tidy.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze in awe, “It’s beautiful. You’re great! Oh my, I want to learn too.”

Gu Jingze handed the brush to her, “Okay, come try it. It’s actually very easy. Once you hold the brush properly, don’t hesitate to write.”

It was easy – for him.

But to Lin Che…

She mimicked Gu Jingze’s actions and very soon, a black blob appeared on the paper.

Gu Jingze asked speechlessly, “Can you write properly?”

“Be more serious, Lin Che. Why is your hand shaking when you write?”

“Look at you, you’re so dumb.”

“Hey hey hey, Gu Jingze, I’m not like you. I can’t learn these techniques in an instant. I just need practice, but you’re so fierce that you’re scaring me. How can I write properly?”


Gu Jingze looked speechlessly at Lin Che.

Lin Che added, “And… you wrote a regular script. Can’t I write an irregular one?”

“…” Gu Jingze tapped her head, “You’re full of excuses.”

“Seriously, why do I have no talent in this?”

“Yes, yes. I’ve never seen your talents in any other aspect either.”

“I’m talented in finding a husband,” she chuckled and looked at him. “It’s my first time finding a husband and I found myself such a great, great husband.”

Gu Jingze was instantly bribed.

Looking at Lin Che, he moved slightly and laughed as he walked behind her. He then grabbed her hand, “Fine. It’s all my fault for being such a great husband. Don’t move and let me teach you.”

Gu Jingze held Lin Che’s arm from behind. Lin Che smiled subtly, feeling Gu Jingze hold onto her hand. They started writing stroke by stroke again on the paper.

His breath beside her ear made it burn up slightly. Her hand was also held tightly by him. Her entire body was almost wrapped in his embrace.

Those handsome cheeks were almost pressed against her face. It felt so intimate.

Lin Che’s heart was already racing. She relied on his strength and wrote a poem.

‘To win my beloved’s heart, until death doth gray-haired part.’

Lin Che’s heart moved.

Even though she knew that it was just a poem, it made her heart look forward uncontrollably.

‘Until death doth gray-haired part’… That was such a beautiful story.

Lin Che said, “Wow! Do you see it? I’m too good at this. Can I frame this up and hang it in my room?”

“That room has a modern design. If you hang this… it won’t match well.”

“But I want to hang it,” Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and nodded, “Very well. You may hang it.”

“Hehe, that’s great!”

Seeing Lin Che so happy, Gu Jingze caressed her hair and breathed in her scent.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment to control himself.

But closing his eyes made him think about it more.

She wanted to walk away, but she felt him grab her waist forcefully.

She let out a sound and felt Gu Jingze’s warmth closing in on her. He brushed against her back, “Don’t move…”

“What… What are you doing…”

“I said stop moving. Come and let me look at you.”

“Y-y-you… No way. This is the study room. Don’t you still have a video conference…”

“They can wait,” Gu Jingze hugged her and with one lift, she was already on his desk.

Lin Che instantly thought that he was really going to do something, “Y-y-you… Don’t do this. I can’t…”

“Don’t move. I want to look at you,” he said and lifted up her skirt.

At home, she wore a simple skirt and there was just a panty underneath it.

Gu Jingze held her ankles and lifted her legs up.

Lin Che exclaimed speechlessly, “What… What are you doing? We can’t do this…” Her face was red as she helplessly grabbed his arms. She was extremely nervous.

Gu Jingze looked at her, “Don’t move. I’m just looking. Really, I’m not going to do anything to you.”


He pressed his lips against hers, swallowing her panic into his mouth.

After that, he then slowly moved his kisses down her body.

Lin Che lifted her head and breathed heavily.

When she felt his kiss already reach her darkest spot, she then quickly said, “Don’t do this, I…”

“Be good… Your wound is not healed yet, so I can’t touch you. Just treat this as an alternative solution.”


“But what? If we can’t have an alternative solution, are you going to let me suffocate?”

Lin Che immediately blushed. What kind of alternative solution was this?

But Gu Jingze continued downwards, taking away all of Lin Che’s ability to think.

However, just then…

There was a sudden knock on the door.

Lin Che panicked and quickly grabbed his arms, “No, no. Someone is here, Gu Jingze.”

Gu Jingze put Lin Che down. He looked speechlessly at the door and felt gloomy.

Lin Che said, “Quick, wash up… Idiot, I told you that we can’t.”

She hurriedly ran to the connected bathroom and simply washed her face.

Gu Jingze also followed after her. He looked at his own body and took a deep breath. He felt pure annoyance at whoever was outside.

At this moment, the door opened and a maid said, “Madam, the security said that someone is here for you.”

Someone was looking for her?





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