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Season 4

Episode 72

(Dancing On Tiptoe Is Too Romantic)

Lin Che lost her balance and almost fell.

Thankfully, Gu Jingze grabbed Lin Che and prevented her from falling. Lin Che nearly thought that she was going to die.

The crowd noticed that the two of them stopped dancing and they curiously looked at them.

She thought speechlessly, I’m dead, I’m dead. This is so embarrassing.

She danced until her heel actually broke in front of so many people.

She suddenly recalled her incident with Lu Chuxia just now. Although she was fine, her heel probably got damaged when she used it to step on Lu Chuxia. She didn’t realize it back then and now, it was completely broken.

Lin Che said agonizingly, “Damn it. What do we do?”

Gu Jingze frowned, looked at Lin Che, and then looked at the people around them.

Lin Che said, “Let’s quickly go. This is really embarrassing.”

But Gu Jingze stopped her, “Don’t move.”

Lin Che paused.

Gu Jingze grabbed hold of Lin Che and said, “We’ll continue dancing.”

“Huh, but I…”

Gu Jingze bent down, took off her shoes and tossed them aside.

She was still stunned as she stood barefoot, but Gu Jingze already pulled her arms and placed her on his own feet.


Lin Che stood on his feet and he placed his hand firmly behind her back, bringing her right to his body.

Lin Che was practically sticking to him. She couldn’t help but cling onto his shoulders tightly.

Looking at his face up close, she blushed uncontrollably, “This… This won’t do. So many people are looking…”

It must have looked ridiculous with her leaning entirely on him.

Gu Jingze asked, “What’s wrong? Why would there be a problem with my wife leaning on me?”

“No…” Lin Che blushed even more. Talking like that, her lips were almost touching his as their breaths synchronized. It was too heartwarming.

Gu Jingze said, “It’s alright. We’ll dance ourselves.”

“But won’t you be tired?” Lin Che looked at him worriedly.

“Your small body and legs are not heavy for me.”

“But… Is this considered dancing…”

“How is hugging you to dance not dancing anymore? And I like it this way. Compared to just now… this is a lot better,” he chuckled deviously.

Lin Che moved and her soft chest bumped into his body. She felt as if her face was going to explode. Sticking to him, she might as well have buried her face into his chest.

Gu Jingze hugged her this way and spun around. Seeing her reddened face, he followed the music and hugged her waist. He lifted her up and flung her around in the air before pulling her back to him.

Lin Che felt as if she was flying. She yelped as she felt herself come back down on his steady feet. She was amazed and couldn’t resist bursting into laughter.

That was a great feeling.

“Still want to fly?”

“I want to fly…”

“Okay,” Gu Jingze flung her again. Lin Che’s long dress flowed beautifully like a trail of petals.

The onlookers exclaimed even more.

Looking at the husband and wife on the dance floor, they seemed to treat this place as their own playground. They were so carefree as they played around without any stress. The people around them were envious.

Especially when Gu Jingze used his strength to make Lin Che fly in the air, it made all the women feel that it was too romantic.

He even let Lin Che step on his own feet. This was simply too beautiful.

The usually cold and aloof man was now so romantic. It really amazed people.

Lin Che only danced for a little while. She was worried that Gu Jingze would feel tired. She hugged his shoulders and felt her heart almost burst just from dancing with him for such a brief time. It was not because of anything else, but when she looked at Gu Jingze, she thought that he looked so good at any angle. Especially when he hugged her so confidently, it was beyond sexy.

She gazed at Gu Jingze, “Come on. Let’s stop. You must be tired.”

Gu Jingze replied, “If I only have this much strength, how can I satisfy your needs?”

“…” Lin Che glared at him. Thinking that he was really tired, she simply couldn’t bear for him to continue hugging her like that. She said, “And I’m thirsty.”

Gu Jingze heard this, stopped, and tugged her along, “Okay. Come, I’ll take you.”

His feet supported her as they moved to the side of the dance floor. An attendant had already brought another pair of shoes for Lin Che automatically.

Lin Che wore the shoes and Gu Jingze helped her up. They walked in together.

Stephen approached them. He looked at Gu Jingze and clapped. He complimented, “President Gu’s dance with Mrs. Gu just now really made countless girls here hopeful.”

Lin Che was shy. Gu Jingze said plainly, “I was only playing around with my wife. I hope we weren’t being laughed at by everyone.”

“No way. Didn’t you see that astonishing scene? Honestly, so many people were clapping for you two.”

How could Lin Che have seen that? Thinking about it now, she wondered if they attracted too much attention.

Gu Jingze smiled, “I am being laughed at.”

Stephen then said, “There’s an ambassador from M Nation over there. He has been wanting to meet President Gu. I wonder if you have the time now to go greet him?”

Gu Jingze heard this, looked at Lin Che, and was about to reject him. However, Lin Che quickly said, “It’s okay. You can go over.”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, “I can also see him later.”

“I’ll wait around here for you. Go do your thing.”

Lin Che really didn’t want to become a burden.

Gu Jingze looked at her deeply and then said, “Okay, wait for me here.”

Lin Che smiled as she watched him leave.

Gu Jingze went in and Lin Che got bored. She looked around at everyone else who was still dancing to the music, drinking, and eating. She also took a drink from a waiter. She thought about her stomachache in the day and only asked for a soda. She didn’t dare to try any other weird concoction.

Just then, she saw that the voting section for the dancing queen was already white-hot.

Lin Che heard some people discussing beside her, “Lu Chuxia suddenly said that her leg hurt and couldn’t dance anymore. She only danced for that short while. I guess she would have to back out of this regretfully.”

“But I just voted for that girl who danced with Gu Jingze. She’s not a good dancer, but it was really too romantic when she danced with Gu Jingze. My heart almost melted and I think she is the true dancing queen. How good must it be to be doted on? She didn’t even have to dance on her own. I’m so envious.”

“Yes. Now that you say it, I want to vote for her too.”

Lin Che nearly spat her drink as she looked up.

Sure enough, she was already placed in front.

However, they only named her as Gu Jingze’s partner. Most of them didn’t know who she was, so they didn’t mention her name.

Lin Che watched suspiciously. She couldn’t believe this.

Meanwhile, inside.

Lu Chuxia’s ankle was swollen.

She sat there angrily and looked at her own foot.

“Why is it like this? I’m so mad. I didn’t even dance that much and it’s already like this.”

The doctor patiently said beside her, “Miss Lu, you definitely cannot continue to dance right now. If the congestion becomes more serious, you may have to go to a hospital for treatment.”

Lu Chuxia wanted to cry. She was so sure that she would get the dancing queen title… She waited so long for it.





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