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{ He's a sex addict}


🌹 Lisa Bartlett 🎀

I SMiled sheepishly and said a big yes.

" Ofcourse I'll marry you Drake." I said hapily as mom applaud us.

The look on her face was that of love, every mother would have for their children.

He slide the into my finger and stood up.

I gave him a hug immediately.

"Am so happy for my babies. You guys are gonna make grand kids for me." She said hapily and held our hands.

" Thank you so much Isabelle for coming into my life. And giving it meaning.  I appreciate you my love. " Drake said lovingly.

" Aww  am crying right now. This is the most beautiful sight have ever seen. "Mom feign tears.

" Don't cry mom , we're gonna make you proud okay?" I assured her and gave her a hug.

" Yes mom we gonna make babies for you. "Drake winked at me.

I scoffs and tried going back to my meal but I felt a little bit dizzy.

I held the chair for support so I won't fall.

" Are you okay dear?" Mom asked.

"Yeah am fine." I lied as I tried to keep my eyes open.

" You don't look okay baby are you sure you're okay?" Drake held me .

I nodded and walked towards the stairs. I got on the first staircase.

Am just gonna make it upstairs to my room.

Just need to get some rest that should help.

Been feeling weird this past few weeks .

I booked an appointment with my doctor but am yet to show up.

I wanted taking another step I slipped and fell.

I could hear Drake's voice in my head as I slowly blacked out.



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