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{ He's a sex addict}


❌ Drake Monteiro ❌

After taking Mom home from the airport , we all sat down for lunch.

Have missed mom so much. There's no dull moment whenever she's around.

" So mom tell us how was Australia?" I spoke up.

"Well Australia is a fun place to be. Their shopping mall is something to kill for. "She Chuckled.

Oh no I just asked the wrong question and if I don't stop soon she's gonna start talking about her shoppings.

" Erm mom how was the business deal ? " I changed the topic before she could say anything further.

"Yeah yeah I got it.. you haven't said a word for about two minutes now are you okay? " Mom asked Lisa who was so engrossed in the food she was eating..

. what's with her and food?

*Nah am fine just that the food taste so great I don't feel like saying anything. "She pouts childishly.

" Seriously Lisa? Since when do you eat this much huh? "I furrowed my brows.

" Shut up and eat crazy boy." She smacked my head. " I SMiled and stood up.

I walked quietly towards her and went on my knees immediately

She looked at me in shock. 

"In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art."

" Of all the people I’ve met, you are the one I will never forget. If I die before you do, I’ll go heaven and wait for you."

" Your love makes my days happy and bright. Into my world you brought pure delight. Joy beyond reason you've given me. Our love is true, this I can see."

" Be my bride barbie doll. " I said breathlessly holding up a ring box.




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