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{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlet 💐

Finally mom is gonna be back today. Seriously can't wait to see her.

It's been three months already.
I insisted on going to the airport with Drake.

" Hey baby what are you thinking about?" Drake jerk me outta my thoughts.

" I really can't wait to see mom. Am sure she's gonna be looking all decked up now." I chuckled softly.

He burst into laughter.

" Trust me she's gonna be beautiful as ever you know how mom is delicate about her skin." He smirked.

This past three months has been  beautiful months.

Drake never failed to make me happy.

He always tries to make sure I'm having fun and happy 

He's what I call a perfect hubby.

The car came to halt at the airport.

We got down together as mom walked towards us.

I was the first to notice her.

"Mom!" I ran into her arms.

"Aww my baby I missed you so much." She cooed.

"I missed you even more mom. Omg you look beautiful. " I complimented as I checked her .

" Oh my gosh am blushing baby. ".

" Hi Mom. " Drake gave her a hug.

" Look who's looking so handsome than ever. What have you done with my buttercup Isabelle? " Mom teased

" Oh come on mom you look amazing Don't Tell me you found another spa salon. " Drake cocked his eyebrows.

" Relax every one you gonna spend quality time talking but right now we need to get you home. ", I SMiled.



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