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{ He's a sex addict}


🌟 Drake Monteiro 🌟

After eating we had freshen up before relaxing on the bed we gonna play it from over there, like how couples do .

" Make way for the best gamer ever." I boasted and picked up my game control.

" Trust me am tougher than you think." She smiled.

I scoffs and started the game.

We gonna be playing  Kombat 34.

I choose joker as my player while she choose black widow.

We started gaming as she was trying to gain up. She keeps trying to make sure I loose but trust me am the master gamer.

"Yeah that's what am talking about." I Smirked evilly as I knocked her player down.

" Stop cheating mister."she rolled her eyes.

"Nope am not . you're just jealous ." I pinched her nose bridge.

" Oh please spare me." She scoffs

I turned her over and crashed my lips on hers

She responded immediately as we kissed roughly at first but slowly later as our tongues fought for dominance

I pressed kisses all over her face down to her neck area i bit her ear lobe teasingly and left hickeys on her neck.

Her moan came muffled as I sneaked my fingers through her shirt and got hold of one of tits

I ended up pulling the shirt for it was getting in the way.

Unhooked her bra and dropped it somewhere.

I kissed her again this time passionately as I nibble on her buttom lip.

I groan softly as I felt my hardness.

She ran her fingers on my belt but I stop her.

"Slow down tigress are you ready for this?" I Asked.

She went mute instantly as she kept staring at me.

"You know I won't do anything without your consent okay? Are you sure you wanna go deeper?" I asked.




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