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{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlet 💐

I woke up Abit early and slipped outta Drake's arms.

He slept off cuddling up with each other.

I slide my foot into my pink flip flop before walking outta the room.

I headed towards the kitchen.

The chefs are yet to start cooking so I decided to take it from there. 

I made french toast and cream de la creame.  some hot chocolate for myself and latte for Drake.

Soon I was done setting up the diner before heading upstairs to fetch Drake.

I opened the door slowly not to make a sound. I tiptoe towards his bedside with a feather in my hand...

I bent slightly and tickle his ear playfully he jumped outta bed immediately.

"Am up!   Am up!!" He shouted as he looked around the place.

I was dying of laughter.

"Good morning James Bond." I teased.

" Morning pinky . You just ruined my beautiful dream gush." He said dramatically.

" Breakfast is served baby. " I chuckled softly.

" Okay be there in a minute. ' he tried to shove me away.

"Oh no we're going down together mister and don't even think of touching that cellphone. " I said with superiority.

He whinned as he trailed off behind me.

We went to the diner together as the table was set for two.

We sat down together as i served his alongside coffee.

"Bon appetit baby." I winked at him as I Munch on the French toast.

"So I was thinking. I won't be going anywhere today. We gonna be playing video games all day."i suggested.

" Hmm? It's cool babe. I guess it's gonna be some quality time together. " He agreed with me.

" Good then it's settled then. " I smiled brightly as we enjoyed the rest of the meal in a comfortable silence.



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