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{ He's a sex addict}


👑Drake Monteiro 👑

I took her home after having our date on the hill top.

"Finally you're back." Mom said as she went a magazine.

" Hi Mommy. " Lisa went over and gave her a peck and I did too.

"Hello dearies I trust you had fun today?" She smiled.

" Yeah thanks to Drake. Wait mom what's the luggage for? " Lisa asked pointing to two luggages by the stair case.

How come I didn't notice it.

"Oh about that. Well I'm going on a business trip and won't be back till after three months. Am sorry it came in such a short notice. " She said and stood up.

" But three months is way to far, am gonna miss you so much . " I whinned.

" You see I told you. You're still a baby boy." Lisa Smirked playfully.

"I'll miss you too even more. Take good care of yourselves remember mommy loves you." She said and pinched my cheeks before hugging me.

"Be a good girl Isabelle." She hugged Lisa too.

The servants had taken her luggages to her car already.

We walked her to the car. Her driver was also waiting.

"Bye mom. " We waved as the car drove off.

We went back inside hand in hand.

" So that leaves the both of us." Lisa scoffs.

" Yeah yeah. So what should we do now? " I asked.

" Let's make crowns from Carbon. Who ever makes the best carbon crown gets to do whatever the other person wants. " She giggled hapily.

" That sounds girlish baby. Plus I know for a fact that am gonna win. " I boasted

" Oh please stop acting like James Bond everyone knows am the master art crafter. " She praised herself

" Shut up pinky you don't know me." I scoffs.




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