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{ He's a sex addict}


💚Lisa Bartlett 💜

"Just one more step and we're there." Drake said as he helped me to God knows where.

He'd blindfolded me saying he wants to show me suprise.

I get surprises everyday.

The only difference is that this suprise is not in the mansion but outside.

We had to drive all the way there even though I didn't see where we headed.

"Are we there yet?" I whinned for I could barely see q thing.

" Just a little bit further and we're there." He said as we kept walking for minutes now.

" Walla! " He said as he took off the blindfold.

Omg he brought me out to the Hill top.

At the middle a table was placed there

It was decorated beautifully for two people.

"Wow this is so beautiful. How did you come up with this?"I chuckled.

" I figured out we haven't had much time to have fun with each other so I decided to take you out for lunch at our favorite spot.hope you like it." He said Smiling sheepishly.

" Are you shitting me? I love it babe thanks." I gave me a kiss.

" Shall we?", He pulled out a chair for me like a gentleman.

I muttered a small thank you. And sat down.

He did the same too.

The table was occupied with so many dishes.

It was like all my favorite meal was actually here.

"Who says my boyfriend ain't romantic." I giggled happily.

" Yeah yeah I get that alot baby." He winked as he served the meals.

" Oh please don't get too comfy. "I rolled my eyes playfully.

" You're so dramatic." He stuck out his tongue.

"Really now? Am being dramatic? Ttch!" I groan softly.

He chuckled softly and ended up staring at me intensely.

It was seriously making me shy.

" What?" I raised my eyebrow.

" I didn't say anything.", He smiled.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" I chuckled.

" You're beautiful and i enjoy staring at beautiful things." He said and I blushed heavily.

" Am flattered"



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