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{ He's a sex addict}


❌ Drake Monteiro ❌

I woke up with a heavy hangover. Must have drank so much last night..

Well I don't think I'll be able to make it to the company with this kinda pain ..

I managed to get outta bed and went over to the door.

J really need a cup of coffee that's the only thing that can help me.

I opened the door only to meet a shinning looking note at my doorstep.

I hesitated before picking it up and went through the content.

I think it's a note from mom . I exhaled before walking downstairs.

She was seated at the living room.

Almost immediately Lisa came out.

We locked eyes for a brief moment.

Gush have missed her face so much.

When mom said it was about our relationship my heart skip abit..

" Am sorry sweeties am sorry I overreacted but the truth is I was scared. I realized that no one else can make the both of you happy expect yourself Which Is why am gonna let you too be. "She said sadly.

" What do you mean mom. ", Lisa asked.

" What I mean is that, I've no objections concerning your relationship. I give my permission. " She said and I screamed out and jumped on her.

." Thank you thank you so so much mom."lisa  said happily.

" God I don't really know what to say mom but am so so happy right now." I said and gave her a hug.

" Your happiness matters most. "Mom said.

I turned to Lisa as we stared at ourselves.

She pulled me closer and crashed her lips on mine.

I responded immediately.

"Erm am still here get a room will you." Mom chuckled softly.

" Thanks so much mom it means alot." Lisa said and peeked her cheeks.

" I love you two so  much dear go have fun." Mom said shoved us away.

I dragged Lisa along to the guest room.

" Omg baby am so happy." Lisa jumped on me planting kisses all over my face..

" You have no idea how much have missed you Lisa." I said and kissed her passionately.




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