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{ He's a sex addict}


💜Lisa Bartlett 💜

What is the reason for going out when the only thing that makes you happy is far away from you.

Ever since the incident with Drake, have been self isolated.

I don't go out for breakfast lunch and dinner.

They got fed up and keep leaving my food at the door step.

I'll only come out at night to pick up the food.

I also refused talking to Mom. Am so tired of crying, i wish Drake is okay.

I miss him so much.

I cuddle up with my  pillow and slept off sadly..

💐 Mrs Monteiro 💐

With the condition my kids are in. I can't help but feel bad. 

I know my judgement was bit harsh and there was nothing wrong with the relationship.

It's just that they are both my kids and to me it might look awkward.

But if that's gonna make them happy again then am willing to take back my words.

I really miss my Happy kids. The whole place had been boring without them both.

Am gonna fix everything and restore the happiness and joy of my family.

I sighed and left the poolside. I went my study room and wrote two little notes

With this note I should be able to get them outta their various rooms Tomorrow.

I took the notes with me. I went to Drake's doorstep and left the notes at his doorstep.

He should be able to see it before he leaves for the office.

Went over to Lisa's doorstep. I know she's gonna pick up her breakfast in the morning.

I left for my room with crossed fingers.


"What's the emergency I got your note." Drake said as he walked towards me. 

" I got your note. " I heard Lisa's voice.

How delighted I felt to hear her voice again.

" I called you both here because I wanted to talk your relationship. " I said with seriousness.

" What about it. Hope you not thinking we broke our promise. We stayed away from each other just as you wanted. " Lisa said dryly...

If this doesn't end , they might end up hating me for life.

" Am sorry kids " I sighed tiredly.



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