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{ He's a sex addict}


🌟Drake Monteiro 🌟

It's been two weeks since mom insisted me and Lisa stop dating.

And honestly this past two weeks have been hell for me.

Haven't set my eyes at Lisa for days now I wonder where she might be.

I just hope she doesn't hurt herself. I won't be able to live with it.

I got dressed as usual for work , I look so rough. Haven't shaved for awhile now.

The mansion had become so cold. No one was speaking to each other.

I grabbed hold of my phone and walked outta my room.

I used the elevator downstairs instead.

" There you're Drake I was hoping we could have breakfast together." Mom said from the living room.

" No thanks I'll pass." I said coldly before walking outta the house.

I entered my car and drove off.


I walked into my office and immediately dive into work. Not long Lydia walked into my office.

I thought I told her to stay the hell away.

"What do you want Lydia!" I asked not sparing her a glance.

" I want you." She said and for the first time ever I find her disgusting.

"You have 30secs to leave my office now or you gonna regret it." I said coldly but she didn't burge.

" Oh come on stop acting like you don't want it." She said disgustingly.

" You know what? You're fired get the f**k outta my company or gonna kill you!!" I roared .

She flinched back in fear and scrawled away.

Good riddance.

I went back to.what I was doing with no one to disturb me.


I went over to Tiffany's and grabbed my dinner before driving home.

I  went over to the poolside and sat down by the bar.

That's the only place I can eat peacefully without having my mom hovering around me.

I ate silently as I looked around the poolside.

It was so cold and quiet.

I pushed my lunch aside and grabbed a bottle of tequila shots.

I didn't bother using glass. I gulp down everything.

I kept drinking till I got so drunk.

I could barely move an inch.

"Oh my goodness what's all this Drake!" Mom yelled as she rushed to support me but I pushed her away.

" I don't need your help." I murmured.

" Shut up Drake why are you doing this to yourself huh? "She asked like she doesn't know what she's doing to me.

" You asking like you don't actually know the damages you have done to me and Lisa. Just know I won't be able to forgive you if I lose the love of my life." I said and staggered away..




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