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{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlett 💐

I groaned softly and rolled over. I really don't wanna get outta bed at the moment.

I flushed my eyes open and got outta bed.

Yesterday's party was lit. My new room is filled up with birthday presents am yet to open.

I yawned and stretch lazily as I got outta bed.

I think I overslept. The chefs must have prepared breakfast now.

I sluggishly walked towards the bathroom and did my morning routine.

I came out shortly still my pajamas when I knock landed on my door.

"Come in." I Mumbled as I sat down on my bed with my legs folded.

The door cracked open revealing Drake.

" Hey buttercup." He cooed as he walked towards me and peeked my lips.

"Good morning dear."I muttered.

"Hope you slept well? I guess I'm the first person to wish you a very good morning. " He smirked.

" Oh please just say you couldn't spend a second without me so you decided to check on me. " I stuck out my tongue at him.

" Come here you crazy gummy bear." He pulled me into a kiss.

I encircled my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss.

The kiss got so intense that we forgot the door wasn't locked.

"What in the God's name is happening here!!" Mom yelled out loud.

We pulled away immediately.

"M.. m.. mom." Drake shuttered.

" I asked again. What in the world's name is going on here? " She roared angrily.

" M... Mom it's not what you think. We can actually explain." I said with fear writen all over me.

"Start talking!" She raised her voice.

"Am sorry it has to come down this way but the truth is I'm in love with Lisa. I fell in love with her b... " 

He was caught off by a hot slap.

" How dare you say that to me!! " She growled angrily.

" Mom please just listen to us. We love each other. " I sobbed. She almost hit me too but she stopped halfway.

"One more word from you and you gonna regret it. I'm so disappointed at you Drake. For God's sake she's your sister, are you even thinking at all? " She said really mad at us.

Haven't seen her this angry before.

"Am sorry mom please don't get mad." Drake said sadly and tried to touch her but she moved away.

" Don't you dare come close. Fine you want me to forgive you? Then end this stupid relationship. I want it over. " She  spat.

I couldn't bare to see her angry so I ran out. 

No this can't be happening.

Mom can't do this to me. I ran all the way to the garden.

I slumped to the floor and cried my eyes out.

I don't think I can possibly live without Drake.



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