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{ He's a sex addict}


❌ Drake Monteiro ❌

I took her to the balcony upstairs away from the crowd.

" Finally some fresh air." I exhaled.

" Yeah , I can't believe you actually sent over to Denver to pick up a dress . " She punch my arm playfully.

" Am sorry baby. " I pouts.

" Come here. " She pulled me closer and smacked her lips on mine.

We kissed for a brief moment before pulling away.

" You look beautiful." I whisper audibly.

She blushed and look at her fingers.

"Thanks." She mumbled and tuck a strand of her hair behind.

" I have a present for you." I said and made her turn around.

I brought out the locket and placed it around her neck.

She trailed her fingers around it.

" Wow it's so beautiful thanks." She beamed hapily.

" But not as beautiful as you. Can i have this dance. " I stretched out my hand she nodded and took it.

I swing her around as we did the waltz dance.

Woa she's way good at waltzing. 

" Hmm I can see my kids are finally getting along." Mom said from behind and we stopped dancing.

" Erm mom what are you doing here by the way?" Lisa asked as I scratched the back of her head.

" Well you guys were not at the party so I thought you might be here. " she smiled.

" Oh okay  I guess you found us. " Drake showed his Dimples.

" Come on sweeties let's get back in the party. " She said.

I nodded and trailed off behind them.


Finally the whole birthday party was over. Jeez her cake is one hell of a cake but I kinda like the taste.

" It's time for the second suprise." Mom said and signaled me.

Before Lisa could say anything I blindfolded her.

" Do you trust me dear?" I whispered into her ear.

" Yes I do. What's this all about?" She asked.

" Shut up and follow my lead. " I Smirked and held her hand.

I led her upstairs while mom followed up.

I guided her in her steps so she won't strain her legs.

Finally we stopped infront of her new room.

I opened the door and led her inside.

" Are you ready Lisa?" I asked.

" Ready for what? Where are we ?" She asked obviously confused.

" It's now or never. " I took off the blindfold .

" TAda !! " I SMiled...

She gasp as she screamed out loud in excitement.

" Oh my goodness is this room mine?" She giggled like a child.

" This is the suprise. Your very own room. " Mom said..

She screamed again and rushed mom with a hug they both fell on the bed.

" Easy there baby." Mom burst into laughter.

" Thanks so so much Drake." She left mom and ran into my arms.

I held her tightly so we won't end up on the floor.

" Anything for my gummy bear." I SMiled.




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