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{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlett 💐

The ride to Denver was so stressful.the traffic is horrible.

But fortunately I got the package on time even though I don't really know what's in it.

The ride back to Atlanta was not that nerve wrecking.

The car came to halt infront of the mansion.

Finally am home. Funny Enough i spent half of my on the way to Denver.

Should I say worst birthday ever.

Something was wrong when I got outta the car the compound was always crawling with servants but strangely enough there's no one here.

Where could they've gone? I shrugged and walked towards the entrance door and pushed it open only to be welcome with a breathtaking suprise.

"Happy birthday!!!" They all shouted.

Omg OMG, this is has to be a dream. All my friends from the orphanage are here.

The servants, mom and Drake.

Tears piled up in my eyes.

"Is..this?" I couldn't find my voice.

" Happy birthday sweetie." Mom Smiled as she pulled me into a hug.

" I really don't know what to say mom I thought you guys forgot my birthday." I pouts as tears of joy roll down my cheeks.

" Happy birthday buttercup." Drake said in a cool way.

I ran into his arms as mom walked away to attend to the guest giving me time to say what I wanted.

" I for a moment I thought you don't actually remember my birthday." I Mumbled as he peeked my forehead.

" I won't ever forget such a precious date." He stroke my hair lovingly.

" Thanks." I SMiled.

" Don't thank me yet." He said and clapped and some fashion designers rushed towards us.

He nods and they took me away to one of the numerous rooms downstairs and mixed a bath for me.

So many body lotions. All this for me?

They brought in the package I went over to collect at Denver.

Guess what it was actually a beautiful dress that was inside.

Are they kidding me right now?

I was actually sent to pick up my own birthday dress , who does that?

Like seriously it's the most beautiful thing have ever seen.


I was dressed up looking like a princess.

One of the designers held my hand and led me outta the room as Everyone's eyes fell on me.

Drake's mouth was left hanging.

What's the deal?

I first thing first I went over to my friends from the orphanage and engaged them in a tight hug.

" Happy birthday Lisa." They chorus.

" God have missed you guys a bunch." I cooed .

" You have no idea how much we misses you." Lora said.

" I thought you promise to come visit." Maya whined.

" Am sorry dearies but am still gonna come." I assured them.

" Erm excuse me guys but can I steal her for a moment?" Drake asked with a smile.

Lora and Maya were drooling over him.

I glared playfully at them .

" She's all yours hottie." Maya said with dreamy eyes.

Drake chuckled and pulled me away.



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