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Season 2

Episode 88

(Go together with me)

Jackson then threw himself onto Cherry and pressed her hard under him. As soon as he touched the woman his entire body gradually became hotter and hotter, and he couldn't control himself any longer.    
"Jackson, stop it!" quickly said Cherry when she felt the change on his body, distressed that the asshole on top of her treated her like that every time.    

Jackson whispered into Cherry's ear, "You love your son with all your heart, but what about me? Do you even care about me?"  

"Yes, " said Cherry, as she tried her best to calm herself down.    

He suddenly raised his head and looked into Cherry's eyes, and said, "Are you upset because I slapped you earlier in the morning?"    

Cherry looked at Jackson expressionless, and replied, "No."    

"Then why are you rejecting me? You've already spent the whole day with Joe. Why do you still want to be with him in the evening? Don't you have any spare time for me?" said Jackson, dissatisfied with her.  

Jackson was very upset. Although he was happy to have Joe around him, he was also jealous of him, because Cherry gave all of her attention to their son, and ignored him instead.  

Because Cherry knew Jackson's character well, she also knew that it was wise for her to be obedient to him.    

She lowered her voice and softly said to him, "Jackson, our son has just moved in a new home, and everything here is strange for him. He's still a baby, and I have to spend more time with him these days."    

When Jackson heard Cherry's soft voice, all of his anger and jealousy instantly faded away; she could always sway him so easily.    

"But you can sleep in the same bedroom as I do. Why did you move into this room? Don't you know already that this is the guest room?" asked Jackson. He still didn't want to let her off the hook so easily.  

All of a sudden, Cherry wrapped her arms around Jackson's neck, and intimately said, "Didn't you tell me that this house was for me?"    

"Yes, I did, " replied Jackson.    

"Then I can sleep wherever I want to, " said Cherry.    

Jackson fell silent after he heard her, and wondered when had the woman in front of him become so cunning.    

"I can't agree with you here, " said Jackson arrogantly. "We're a couple, and we have to sleep together in the same bedroom." He was eager for Cherry to come back to him, because he wanted to sleep with her.  

"Well, let's talk about it some other time; I have to stay with our son first, at least for the next couple of days, " said Cherry. She couldn't let Jackson do whatever he wanted, because before she had moved in the house, she had made up her mind that she had to protect both her, and her son. She couldn't allow anyone to hurt her son.    

At that moment, Jackson fell silent and didn't say anything more. He wanted to reject her words, but when he heard her soft voice, he couldn't say no to her.  

When Cherry saw that Jackson had given his tacit consent to her request, she took her hands off of his neck, patted him on the arm, and said, "Let me go now, I have to go into our son's room and sleep next to him."    

"What about me?" said Jackson in a helpless manner. He still wasn't willing to let her go.    

"Go back to your room and go to bed, " said Cherry, and with this, she pushed him aside, got up, quickly grabbed her pajamas, and walked out of the bedroom.    

The following morning, after Cherry and Joe got up and washed, Cherry took her son's hand and went downstairs.  

Jackson was already eating his breakfast when they came down. Cherry didn't greet him, and Joe did the same, because his Mommy hadn't; Jackson was totally ignored by them.    

When Lily Wu saw them walking into the dining room, she warmly greeted them with a big smile on her face, "Good morning, Cherry, Joe!"    

"Morning, " said Cherry, nodding to her.    

Cherry and Joe then sat at the table next to Jackson, and Lily Wu served them breakfast. Before they started to eat, Cherry said to her son, "Joe, why didn't you say hello to your father?"  

Joe looked at his Mommy for a while, and then turned to Jackson, and softly said, "Morning, Daddy."    

Jackson was immediately delighted when he heard his son's greeting. 

He had never felt so happy before in his life, and after he glanced at Cherry and Joe, he softly said, "Have a good breakfast and then go to school. Hurry up, or else you'll be late!"    

"Yes, Daddy, " replied Joe, as he lowered his head to eat.    

Cherry then watched her son eating breakfast with a warm smile on her face; she felt very happy. 

Although he looked calm, Jackson was also very delighted when he looked at his wife and son who were eating next to him.    

Lily, who was in the kitchen, couldn't help but glance at them. She was also very happy when she saw that the three got along well with one another. The atmosphere in their home was lovely and relaxed.    

After breakfast, Cherry walked Joe to the gate. After Joe got inside the car, she told Bill Ma to drive carefully and not to leave until he saw Joe walk through the school's door.   

Joe sat in the car and waved to his mother goodbye. He was very upset when he saw his mom's figure fading away in the distance, and he didn't know whether it had been wise for them to move into the villa or not. He wondered whether his Mommy would be hurt there, because judging from yesterday's morning, he could clearly see that his mother wasn't really happy, and also judging from his father's appearance, Joe could tell that he was very sophisticated and complex. What's more, his Daddy's attitude towards his Mommy was peculiar, and he found that the way Jackson looked at Cherry was different from the way he looked at other people around him.  

Cherry didn't go back to the villa until she saw the car disappear in the distance. After she walked back to the house, she looked around on the first floor, but couldn't see Jackson anywhere.  

She then asked Lily Wu, who was doing the dishes, "Where's Jackson?"    

"He is upstairs, " replied Lily.    Cherry nodded to her and then walked upstairs.    

As soon as she walked up to the second floor, she found that Jackson's bedroom door was wide open. She guessed that he had to be inside.    

Cherry walked into Jackson's bedroom and saw him standing at the window. She then looked around the room and saw that its layout was precisely the same as she had specified it to be, and that all the decorations also satisfied her taste exactly.  

Cherry hesitated for a while and then finally walked through the door into the bedroom.    

She stood near Jackson, and said, "Aren't we supposed to go somewhere today?"    

When Jackson heard Cherry's voice, he quickly turned around. He looked at her, and said, "Are you in a hurry?"    

Cherry suddenly didn't know how to answer his question. She looked away to avoid his glance, and finally said, "Well, I'm going downstairs first. When you're ready to leave, just let me know."  

After she said this, Cherry turned around, and was just about to leave the room.    

But Jackson suddenly grabbed her arm and hugged her tightly from behind. He put his head on Cherry's shoulder, and whispered in her ear, "Today is my parents' anniversary. You should come together with me to visit their graves."    

Cherry's eyes were wide open, and she was stunned by Jackson's words. She thought to herself, 'Jackson has never talked with me about his parents ever since I married into the Chu Family five years ago, but now he wants me to visit his parents' tomb, together with him?'  

"Okay, " said Cherry, as she slightly nodded to him.

Cherry was touched and she didn't want to hide her love to him anymore. She turned around, and with a serious look on her eyes, she said, "Jackson, do you want to take Joe with us? Let Joe pay respects to his grandparents, too. Okay?"

But Jackson shook his head, and said, "No, don't tell anyone else. I only want you to be with me there."

At that moment, Jackson had suddenly become very discreet.

Cherry nodded, but suddenly, she thought of something else, and immediately asked, "Will Grandpa be there too?"

Cherry was a little worried, because she had been back in the city for some time already, and she hadn't gone to the military residential compound to visit Andrew yet. She was afraid that she might meet him there in such a solemn scene, and that it might then turn into an embarrassing one for her.



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