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Season 2

Episode 97

(The miss calls)

Cherry waited for a long time, but she got no answer from Jackson. 

She was slightly disappointed, and all of her expectations vanished in an instant.    

"Why can't you leave her?" asked Cherry. She was eager to get an answer out of him, and couldn't wait any longer.    

Jackson looked at her, and slowly said, "Honey, it's my fate, and I just can't simply cut her out for the rest of my life."    

After she heard his words, Cherry guessed that something definitely happened between Jackson and Sally, and she had been afraid of that ever since she had talked to Stephen and Sally last time.  

"Can't you just tell me what happened between the two of you?" asked Cherry, and after she thought about it more, she added, "Why did she leave you in the first place? Why did she come back again?"    

Jackson wasn't going to tell Cherry anything about it. She was the one that he tried his best to protect, and he thought that it was best for Cherry to keep those things hidden away from her.    

He said, "Baby, you don't need to know about those things, okay? The only thing that you need to know is that I love you with all my heart." 

Jackson tried to evade answering her question; he wanted her to never know the truth.  

Cherry knew that Jackson was keeping something hidden away from her, and that he refused to tell her about it. She couldn't understand why, and even though she wasn't part of his former life, she now was, after all, his wife.  

Why couldn't he just tell her the truth? She wanted to know his past, and she also loved him with all her heart. Cherry wanted to be with him, there was no question about that, but why wasn't he honest with her?  

Cherry then pushed Jackson away, and coldly said, "Then go and sleep in your own room!"    

"Baby!" called Jackson, while he pulled Cherry back into his arms. He never wanted to leave her side.    

"Let go of me!" shouted Cherry, as she fiercely refused him. She then said, "Since you can't forget Sally, you should go and see her!"    

Jackson's face then fell. He couldn't understand how she could punish him to go to another woman when he loved her so much.    

Cherry turned her head away and refused to look at him any longer. She then grabbed the quilt and wrapped herself tightly in it.  

Jackson was somehow hurt when he saw Cherry's reaction, but he still recklessly held Cherry tight in his arms from behind.    

There was no chance for Cherry to escape his embrace, and she had no other choice than to let him sleep with her in his arms.    

In the morning, Cherry got up early and went downstairs to help Lily Wu prepare the breakfast. She liked cooking for Joe, and she enjoyed seeing her son eat the food that she had prepared for him with so much love and care.    

When he was on his way downstairs, Joe saw that his Daddy was sitting on the couch in the living room. He lovely said, "Morning, Daddy!"  

"You got up already? Let's go and have some breakfast, " answered Jackson, while he looked at his son. 

He then put down the newspaper that he was reading, and walked towards the staircase to wait for Joe to come down to him.    

Joe held Daddy's hand after he arrived downstairs, and then they walked together to the kitchen.    

"Morning, Mommy!" said Joe happily when he saw that Cherry was busy preparing the food in the kitchen.    

"Joe, you're up! Come and sit here, breakfast is on it's way!" said Cherry, without paying any attention to Jackson.  

Cherry laid down the food in front of Joe, and gently said, "Dig in, Mommy made this just for you! Try it and tell me if you like it."    

"Wow! Thank you, Mommy!" said Joe with a big grin on his face as he started to eat the food that his mother had cooked for him.    

Jackson was sad when he saw that Lily served his food instead of Cherry. Why did his son get to be served by Cherry, and he by Lily?    

Cherry didn't look at Jackson once, and instead watched her son eating with her eyes filled with love.    

"Mommy, you're awesome, this is amazing!" said Joe enthusiastically while he ate the breakfast his mother had prepared for him.  

Cherry then stroked his hair, and fondly said, "Then have some more, you need to eat to grow up!"    

"Mommy, you should have some too!" said Joe, while he offered his Mommy a spoonful of food.    

Cherry heartily smiled at him, and ate the food out of her son's spoon.    
After breakfast, Cherry watched Bill taking Joe to school in the doorway before she went back into the villa.    
After Cherry came back, Lily walked up to her, and said, "Mrs. Cherry, it seems that Mr. Jackson is in a bad mood."  

She then glanced at Jackson, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room.    

Cherry also looked at him, and said to Lily, "I see."    

She waited for Lily to leave first before she walked into the living room.    

Cherry came closer to her husband, and as she looked at him, she asked, "Are you going out today? If you're not, then I'll take a taxi to work."    

She then turned around, and just when Cherry was about to leave, she was suddenly grabbed by Jackson.  

He pulled her on the sofa next to him. Cherry lost her balance and fell on the sofa.    

He closely looked at her, and asked, "Why are you still mad at me?"    

"I'm not, " answered Cherry, as she looked away to avoid his eyes.    

"Look at me!" said Jackson aggressively, forcing her to look into his eyes.    

Cherry reluctantly stared at him, and said, "What else do you want me to say?  I just want to go to work."    

"Is it that important that you go to work?" asked Jackson.  

Cherry knew that Jackson was angry, because she was familiar with his volatile temperament.    

She lowered her voice, and gently said, "Jackson, I'm not mad at you, I just wondered if you're free to drive me to work. Since Bill left earlier to drive Joe to school, I thought that maybe you can drive me to work."    

Jackson's anger then gradually disappeared when he heard Cherry answering him in her soft tone.    

"I have nothing to do, let's go, " said Jackson, while he got up from the sofa.    

While Jackson went to grab his coat, Cherry fixed her ruffled clothes. She then also grabbed her purse and they walked out of the villa.  

Cherry arrived at the company and sat down at her desk. When she was just about to start her work, she saw Selina coming out of the elevator.    

Selina rushed to Cherry, and hastily said, "Cherry, get ready fast! I need you to come with me to a meeting."    
Cherry remembered that they didn't have any meetings scheduled.  She asked, "Miss Selina, why are we in such of a hurry? What kind of meeting is it?"    

"Some urgent issues came up in our branch office in the northern district; I need to go there quickly and solve them."  

"Okay, " replied Cherry. She then quickly got ready, grabbed her laptop, and then left with Selina.    

The meeting lasted for almost the whole day, and Cherry didn't even have time to check her phone while she was busy writing down what Selina said during it, properly organizing the overview for her.    

It was close to eight in the evening when they finally wrapped it up. 

Cherry took a peek at her phone, and saw that she had some missed calls. Except for three of them, which had been from from Jackson, the rest of them had been from John.  

Cherry was somehow confused, and she wondered, 'Why did John call me?' She pondered for a while longer and then decided to call him back.



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