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Season 2

Episode 96

(That is it(2)

Jackson smiled, and replied to his son, "Yes, it was. Everyone in the residential compound knew each other very well, and we often played together."    

"Really?" said Joe, as he curiously looked at his dad. He continued, "You must have had a lot of friends there!"    

"Yes, I had some playmates in my childhood, " replied Jackson.    

When Jackson mentioned about his playmates from childhood, Cherry immediately thought of Sally. Sally had grown up together with him too, and it seemed that Jackson remembered his childhood playmates pretty well, especially Sally. Cherry became a little upset, and thought that he still hadn't forgotten their sweet playful days from the past.  

"Daddy, can you tell me the stories about you and your friends? I want to hear them, " said Joe. He was really curious about his Daddy's childhood.    

"You want…" but before Jackson could complete his sentence, he saw that Cherry had an angry look on her face.    

He thought for a while, and then suddenly realized why she was angry. He just looked at Cherry, and didn't say anything more.  

"Daddy, what's the matter? Why didn't you continue?" asked Joe puzzled as he looked at his dad. He still didn't know what was going on.    
"Joe, there's nothing interesting from my childhood. I'll take you to the military residential compound this weekend. There are several children at your age there, and you can play with them then, " said Jackson. He knew exactly why Cherry had become irritated all of a sudden, and he hastily changed the subject and looked at her from time to time.    

"Hooray! That's great, because I haven't got any playmates yet, and I'm looking forward to meeting some!" cheerfully said Joe while he lowered his head to eat again.  

Jackson then focused all his attention onto Cherry. He wanted to say something but didn't know how to start the conversation. Jackson thought to himself, 'Cherry is already very angry. If I take the initiative to talk about Sally, will she be even angrier?'    

After dinner, Cherry helped Joe to do his homework in his bedroom. After Joe finished his homework, he looked at his Mommy, and with great anticipation, said, "Mommy, you'll sleep with me in my bedroom tonight, right?"  

Cherry didn't immediately answer his question, and instead she touched his head, and softly said, "Joe, you're no longer a baby, and I think it's time for you to learn how to be an independent boy."    

Joe looked into his Mom's eyes. He wanted his Mommy to stay with him very much, but he also knew that she was right. It would come a time when he'll be all grown up, and he knew that his Mommy couldn't always be at his side forever. He had to learn to be independent, sooner or later.    

"Yes, Mommy, I understand, " said Joe as he nodded firmly.    

Cherry looked at her son and then smiled.  

She didn't leave his room until she saw that he fell asleep.    

As soon as she walked out of Joe's room, she saw that Jackson was standing just outside the door.    

"What are you doing here?" asked Cherry in a surprised manner.    

"Why did you stay with him for so long?" said Jackson, dissatisfied. He then put his hand around Cherry's shoulders, and walked her to her bedroom.    

"Joe kept on asking me to tell him stories, but as soon as he fell asleep, I left him alone, " said Cherry gently.    

"Don't you know that all of your night time belongs to me?" asked Jackson arrogantly.  

Cherry glanced at him, and said, "When did I ever promise you that all of my night time was yours?"    Uttering these words, Cherry took her pajamas and was about to go into the bathroom to take a shower.    

Jackson followed her.    

"What did you follow me into the bathroom? I'm going to take a shower, " said Cherry. She was surprised, and wondered what the hell did the man want from her.    

"We're going to shower together, " said Jackson in a roguish manner. 

With these words, he pushed Cherry into the bathroom and closed the door behind them.  

Inside, Cherry struggled and tried her best to drive him out, but she failed. Jackson closely followed her and washed together with her.    

After their shower, Jackson held Cherry to his chest, walked out of the bathroom with her, and then gently placed her on the bed. Cherry was already a little tired, and she slightly closed her eyes as soon as she felt the soft bed under her.    

Jackson didn't leave, and instead also got in bed, crawled into Cherry's quilt, and held her tightly in his arms.    

"I'm uncomfortable, Jackson, let me go, " complained Cherry in a low voice. Jackson held her so tightly that she indeed felt very uncomfortable, and she couldn't help but struggle in his arms.  

Jackson knew that Cherry wasn't asleep. Even though he heard her voice and felt her struggles, he still held her tightly and refused to let her go.    

"Honey, " whispered Jackson.    

"Yes?" murmured Cherry in reply.    

"You weren't happy when we had dinner tonight, were you?" asked Jackson.    

Cherry suddenly opened her eyes and seriously looked into Jackson's eyes. "Do you still love Sally?"  

Jackson quickly replied, "No, absolutely not!"    

"I don't believe you!" said Cherry in a disdainful manner. She then turned her head aside and avoided to look at Jackson.    

When he saw that Cherry was angry again, Jackson quickly went to console her. He whispered in her ear, "Darling, you're my beloved wife; you're the only person in the whole world that I love with my whole heart and soul."    

"Then can you promise that you'll break all relations with her?" She suddenly turned back, and while she looked at him, said, "If you can promise me that from today on you'll never meet with her again, I'll believe you, and I promise that I'll be obedient to you forever."  

Cherry's heart was full of expectations out of Jackson. She wanted him to say yes to her, and she thought to herself, 'Sally has always been the third person between Jackson and I. If it hadn't been because of her, I wouldn't have run away five years ago, and Jackson and Joe wouldn't have been separated for such a long time. I don't want her to be in our life any longer, and I love Jackson so much that I can't tolerate another woman interrupting our peaceful life, and because I put my whole heart into loving him, and I want him to do the same. That's that, and nothing less!'  




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