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Season 2

Episode 95

(That is it(1)

When Jackson saw Cherry's worried look in her eyes, he touched her head, and with a smile on his face, softly said, "Baby, don't worry, Grandpa isn't angry with you! I told him about Joe, and he's very happy that he already has a great-grandson. He wants us to go to the military residential compound as soon as possible and visit him together with Joe."    

Cherry seemed to be more at ease after she heard Jackson's words. 

She thought to herself, 'Grandpa has always wanted me to have a child with Jackson, and now that we have already had Joe, he must be so happy that he might not be angry with me anymore.'  

Jackson then suddenly grabbed Cherry's hand, and seriously said, "Baby, don't worry, I'll always be there for you, no matter what happens! I'll take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about anything!"    

At that moment, Cherry lovingly looked at Jackson, and she thought that she was the happiest woman in the world. She nodded to him, and said, "Okay."    

Jackson was also delighted to see the happy look sparkling in Cherry's eyes. He gently said, "Let's go shopping this afternoon; I'll buy you some new clothes and we'll go to the residential compound to see Grandpa in the weekend."  

"Well, it's all up to you, " replied Cherry. Joe didn't have to go to school in the weekend, and they could take him with them to see Jackson's Grandpa. Cherry thought that maybe, as soon as Andrew saw Joe, he might be too happy to question her about her running away five years ago.    

After they ate their lunch, Jackson and Cherry went to the mall together.    

In the mall, Cherry enjoyed herself very much, and she almost totally ignored the man next to her. She tried on many clothes, one by one, as long as she saw them look smart. Jackson was very tired, and like every man, he couldn't understand why women were so into shopping.  

However, when he saw that Cherry was enjoying herself, he didn't complain at all, and just helped her pick the clothes that suited her the most.    

They spent the whole afternoon shopping together. Cherry bought several clothes, and because of Jackson's strong recommendation, she also bought two evening dresses.    

When they walked out of the mall, Cherry suddenly realized that Jackson must have been tired. "We spent so much time shopping that you must be tired, " said Cherry in a considerate manner, as she snuggled into Jackson's arms.  

"It really takes time and energy to go shopping with you, " helplessly complained Jackson. Although he was indeed very tired, he still felt that as long as she was happy, it had been worthwhile for him to go shopping with his beloved woman.    
Cherry was delighted and suddenly kissed Jackson, and he warmly smiled and gazed at her in a sweet and gentle way. It was a lovely scene to see the couple so happy.    

But neither Cherry nor Jackson had noticed that someone was watching them. There was a woman standing in a corner not that far away from them, with maroon colored wavy hair, and wearing a pair of sunglasses and a black suit. She kept on staring at Jackson and Cherry, and her face twitched with jealousy as she saw how happy the couple was. The scene upset her very badly, and she thought to herself, 'How could they be so happy? They shouldn't have been like this!'  

When Cherry and Jackson arrived back at home, their son had already returned home from school. Joe saw that his Daddy entered the house with bags in his hands, and he immediately guessed that they had gone shopping together.  

"Daddy, did you buy clothes for mommy again?" asked Joe. When he saw them, he was in the living room, pouting in a lovely childish way.    

"When was the last time you saw him do this? Isn't it the first time that you see your Daddy buying clothes for your Mommy?" asked Cherry.  She wondered what was the matter with her little man.    

Jackson smiled, and just touched his son's head without saying anything.    

"Didn't Daddy buy clothes for you before I was born?" asked Joe.    

"Err…" Cherry didn't know what to say at the moment, and she really didn't know why her son behaved like that.  

"Joe, if you want new clothes too, just tell Daddy, and I'll buy you whatever you want, " said Jackson, as he gently pulled his son to his side.    

"Really? You'll really buy whatever I want?" said Joe, surprised. He thought to himself, 'This is such a great opportunity for me! Maybe I can grant some of my wishes.'    

"Of course, " said Jackson, as he nodded to him. He also thought, 'Joe is my beloved son; how could I not buy him what he wants? No matter what he wants, I can meet each and every one of his requirements.'  

"Then I want a new ipad, a new watch, and…" Joe listed out almost everything that he wanted. He was a very considerate boy, and he thought to himself, 'When I was with my Mommy alone before, she worked so hard just to make a living, and I couldn't increase the burden on her back, but now, I have my Daddy too, and I can ask him to buy me whatever I want! This is really great!'    

Cherry then suddenly pulled Jackson aside, and asked him seriously, "Do you really want to buy all of these for him?"    

"Why not? He's my son, isn't he?"  said Jackson in a calm manner. He took everything for granted.  

Cherry felt helpless. She could only see the father and son discuss heatedly about best buys, and which brands were more competitive and better. Cherry fell silent, shook her head, and eventually left them alone.    

In the evening, while they were having dinner together, Cherry looked at her son from time to time and saw that he was in a good mood.    

After she thought for a while, she said to him, "Joe, I want to tell you something."    

"Okay, go ahead Mommy, " said Joe in a casual manner, as he continued eating his meal.  

As she looked at him, Cherry said, "Mommy and Daddy want to take you to visit your Great-Grandpa, your Daddy's Grandpa."    

"Great-Grandpa?" Joe then stopped eating, and after he looked somehow puzzled at his Mom, he said, "Why didn't Great-Grandpa come and live together with us?"    

"Your Great-Grandpa is an army man, and he lives in a military residential compound. He's been there for decades, and because he's gotten so used with the place, he doesn't live with us here, " said Jackson.    

"Got it, " said Joe, nodding. He thought, 'Great-Grandpa is Daddy's Grandpa, and it will be nice for me to see him!'  Joe continued to say, "Let's go on Saturday! I also want to meet my Great-Grandpa."  

After they heard Joe's words, Cherry and Jackson looked at each other and smiled. They were very happy that their son was so considerate and obedient.

Joe suddenly asked, "Daddy, so you grew up in the military residential compound? Was it fun there?"



  1. Wow so beautiful. What a lovely family. Thank you so much writer

  2. This is so beautiful. I'm so happy for them

  3. The woman watching them from afar should be cherry sister



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