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Season 2

Episode 94

(Grandpa knows you're back)

Jackson stopped his car in front of the gates of the JS Group building, and he didn't leave until he saw Cherry entering it.    

Cherry walked into the office and found that Caroline had already arrived there. Cherry greeted her, and then glanced at Selina's office. 

She hadn't arrived yet, and Cherry sat down at her own seat, ready to tidy up her desk and to start working again.    

Moments later, the door of the private lift opened, and Selina walked out of it.  

After she saw Cherry, Selina cried out in great surprise, "Cherry, are you working today?"    

Cherry stood up from her desk and politely nodded at Selina. She said, "Yes."    

Selina walked up to Cherry, and then asked her with concern in her voice, "I heard that you are living with Jackson again. How is it going? 

Has Jackson done anything bad to you?"    

Cherry gave her a little smile. and said, "Yes, I moved back to live with him. You know, Jackson has actually been good these days."    

When she saw that Cherry's face was filled with joy, Selina happily said, "Just look how you're glowing! You're living a happy life, aren't you?"  

Caroline, who was standing next to Selina, also smiled, and said, "I agree with Miss Selina. You look more beautiful than ever, Cherry!"    

A flush of embarrassment then rose to Cherry's cheeks, and she said to Selina, "Miss Selina, please don't play jokes on me."    

Selina smiled for a moment more, and then looked serious again. She looked at Cherry, and asked, "Now that you're back with Jackson again, will you give up your job?"    

Actually, what Selina thought was that for a man like Jackson, it seemed unbearable to leave his wife to work so hard every day.  In any case, Jackson had to be willing to give her anything that she wanted.  

But Cherry smiled, and said, "Of course not. Why should I give up such a wonderful job? Besides, I feel a lot less lonely when I'm with you." Because she had been together with Selina for so much time already, Cherry didn't think that she wanted to leave.    

Selina cheerfully held Cherry's hands, and said, "Well, my dear sister-in-law, let's be together forever and ever then!"    

"Miss Selina, we're still in the company! Please don't call me that, " hastily said Cherry.  

But Selina smiled at her, and said, "Relax! I'm the boss around here, remember?"    

After she heard, Cherry just smiled back and said nothing.    

For the whole morning, Cherry was busy working, cleaning the files and dealing with all the trivial matters that had been reported by her subordinates.    

It was almost lunchtime when she received a call from Jackson.    Cherry answered the phone, "Hi, Jackson!"    

"What are you doing? Have you finished work yet?" asked Jackson in a gentle voice. She was the only woman who could soften him like that.  

"Just finished, " said Cherry. She then looked at her watch, and continued, "I'll be off duty in ten minutes."    

"Okay, just come downstairs. I'm here already waiting for you, " said Jackson.    

"What?" Cherry was shocked. He was already waiting for her downstairs? Wasn't he still at the barracks?    

"Come down, I'm downstairs, " repeated Jackson. He also couldn't believe how patient he could be for this woman.    

"At the JS Group building?" foolishly asked Cherry.  

"Yes, Cherry, at your workplace, " replied Jackson.    

"Wait, wait, " said Cherry, still confused of the whole situation. 

She asked, "Aren't you in the army? Why are you downstairs?"    

"Come down and you'll know, " replied Jackson.    

"No, there are still ten minutes left until I finish; I'll come after that, " said Cherry. She wanted to be fair, and to keep to the company's schedule.    

"Do you want me to come upstairs?" asked Jackson in an obviously sulky tone.  

"No, no, " quickly replied Cherry. After all the intense work she had done in the morning, she was still confused about what was actually going on.    

"By the way, also tell Selina that you're not coming back in the afternoon, " ordered Jackson.    

Cherry wanted to say something, but he had already hung up. What an imperious husband she had! Was there anything that she could do except to indulge him in any possible way?    

Cherry walked into Selina's office and saw that she was reading some files. She felt a little embarrassed to tell her about it.  

After she saw Cherry silently standing in front of her, Selina curiously asked, "What's wrong?"    

"Well... Miss Selina, can I take the afternoon off?" awkwardly said Cherry.    

Selina then suddenly stopped what she was doing, and as she looked at Cherry, she asked, "Is Jackson here?"    

Cherry nodded, and didn't know what to say next.    

Selina smiled abruptly, and as she continued to look at Cherry, she said, "Cherry, there's no need to feel awkward about anything! Don't forget, we're a family, and you can leave anytime that you want without having to ask for my permission."  

"Can I?" Cherry had never thought about it; Selina was her boss, and she believed that there had to be formal boundaries between the boss and her subordinate, even if they were close friends or family.    

"Of course you can! Have you forgotten that Jackson owns the JS group? Even I have to listen to him, " said Selina.    

Cherry smiled and nodded, and was a little more cheerful and satisfied after she heard her. It seemed that she had special privileges.    

"Come on, just go now; Have a nice date!" said Selina with a smile shining bright on her lips.  

"A date? We're already like an old married couple and we don't have dates any more. I really want to know why he came here today, " complained Cherry.    

Selina stood up and walked to Cherry. With both of her hands on Cherry's shoulders, she smiled to her, and said, "Cherry, you're so young and beautiful, and Jackson is so handsome and strong. There's no way that you two can't have a beautiful date, okay? Just enjoy it when you're together! Both my brother and I have witnessed Jackson's love for you."    

After she heard her sweet words, Cherry smiled to her, and said, "Thank you, Selina."  

"Come on, just go downstairs already! Don't make him wait for you for too long, or he'll be angry again!"    

"Okay, I'm going now!"    

As soon as she arrived downstairs, Cherry spotted Jackson's car, which was parked not that far away from her, and she walked straight to it.    

Cherry got inside the car, but before she could say anything, Jackson asked, "Come on, baby, what would you like to eat? I'll take you to any restaurant you like."    

Cherry found that Jackson was a little too cheerful. She didn't answer his question immediately, and instead asked, "What happened? Why are you so happy all of a sudden?"  

"I'll tell you later, but let's have lunch first. What would you like to eat?" asked Jackson again.    

"Let's eat some Sichuan cuisine, " casually said Cherry.    

"Okay, " said Jackson, and then he started the car.    

They arrived at a nice restaurant, and as soon as they walked into it, the waiter greeted them respectfully and took them to one of the VIP rooms.    

As they ate in the private room, Cherry asked him, "You still didn't tell me, why are you in such of a good mood today?"  

After he heard her ask again, Jackson finally said, "Baby, I've told Grandpa that you're back."    

Cherry was very surprised; she looked at Jackson, and didn't know what to say anymore.    

Seeing her expression, Jackson quickly asked concerned, "What's wrong?"    

"Oh, nothing, it's okay, " replied Cherry as she quickly adjusted her expression.    

She asked, "What did he say when you told him about it? Was he angry?"  

Cherry felt a little worried that Andrew would get angry. She had left without saying a word, and Jackson had put so much effort into finding her. She was genuinely afraid that his Grandpa was still mad at her.



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