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Season 2

Episode 93

(As long you're with me (2)

"Alright, alright, " immediately said Cherry, "The two of us will go back to our room. Don't touch Joe, just let him sleep here."    

Jackson was satisfied with Cherry's words and left Joe alone.    

After she carefully tucked him, Cherry got out of bed and left the room with Jackson.    

In their bedroom, Jackson threw Cherry on his bed and savagely got on top of her.  

"How could you let Joe touch your breasts!" asked Jackson with a distressed look in his eyes.    

"He's our son, Jackson! He was around ever since the day he was born. What do you think?" said Cherry, as she stared at Jackson, who was jealous on their son.    

"Then let me touch them too! Let me check if they're bigger or not!" said Jackson while he started his initiative on her.    

"Jackson, you wretch! Don't touch there!"    

"You're my woman! Is there any place on your body that I can't touch?"  

"Be careful."    

"Baby, when do you buy this pink underpants?"    

"Jackson, you..."    

In the morning, Cherry got up early, and she went back to her own room to wake Joe up for school.    

After Joe washed himself and went downstairs, he saw that his daddy was exercising in the yard. He then happily ran to his father and joined him in his morning exercises.    

Cherry helped Lily with the breakfast, and after she finished, she found that neither Jackson nor Joe were in the dining room. She then quickly went upstairs to look for them, but they weren't there either. When she walked downstairs again, she saw that Jackson and Joe were happily doing exercises together, and Cherry felt both happy and surprised because of that. 

When caught sight of Joe's sweet smile on his face, also Cherry smiled, because as long as her son was happy, she was also satisfied.

Cherry then went into the yard, and said, "Hurry up, come and eat your breakfast! Joe, you're going to be late for school!"    

"Okay, mommy, " said Joe in his childish tone.    

The three of them then had their breakfast in the dining room. Cherry said to her son, "Joe, remember to study hard at school and to follow your teacher's words; and don't be naughty!"  

"Yes, Mommy, I already know that. Was there anytime when I didn't listen to your words?" asked Joe while he had his breakfast.    

Hearing what Joe said, Cherry didn't say anything more to him.    

Jackson suddenly held her hands, and said, "He doesn't need your care, don't worry. Just focus all of your attention onto me in the days ahead."    

Joe got nervous when he saw his daddy showing his love to his mommy, and immediately said, "Mommy, mommy, I do need your care! Trust me, I'll listen to our teacher's words and study hard."  

Cherry looked at Jackson, and then turned her eyes to Joe. She had no idea about who she should answer first, but she eventually chose her son.    

"You're a good boy, and mommy loves you the most!" said Cherry with a smile on her face.    

Joe happily nodded to his mommy, and when he saw his daddy's morose face, he couldn't help but feel that the?victory?was?already?his.    

Bill Ma drove Joe to school after breakfast, and Jackson insisted on driving Cherry to her company. Cherry had no choice but to allow him to do that.  

Inside the car, Cherry said to Jackson, "Where will you go next after you drive me to work?"    

"I'll go back to the barracks; Derek has been there for a long time already, and I want to go and have a look on things, " said Jackson softly.    

"Alright, " nodded Cherry, and then asked, "Will you come back tonight?"    

Hearing Cherry's words, Jackson instantly looked at Cherry and then moved his eyes back on the road. 

With a smile painted all over his face, he asked, "Why are you asking? Will you miss me if I don't come home tonight?"  

All of a sudden, Cherry's face blushed. She looked at Jackson, and explained, "Who said that? I was only asking if you would come back."    

"Why shouldn't I come back, when both our son and you are there waiting for me?" asked Jackson.    

"You can choose not to come back, and then Joe and I can sleep together, " said Cherry in a proud tone. She was afraid of nothing as she had Joe around her now. 

Jackson's face turned gray in an instant. He parked the car at the roadside, carefully stared at Cherry, and said, "You're my woman, so you have to belong to me at night!" 

 Cherry also looked into his eyes, and said, "Jackson, could you please stop being jealous on Joe? He's our son!"    

As he looked at Cherry's face, Jackson hoped that he could eat her up on the spot.    

He promptly pulled Cherry into his arms, and with her breasts brushing against his chest, he aroused a wild feeling in his mind.    

Cherry immediately tried to resist him, and said, "What do you think you're doing? Let me go! We're in a car!"    

"What's wrong with that?" said Jackson arbitrarily. He continued, "Your heart has been completely filled with our son. Is there any place left there for me?"  

After she heard Jackson's words, Cherry suddenly got quiet. She then slowly raised her head, and as she gazed at Jackson's face, she asked, "Do you really want to know?"    

Jackson stared back at Cherry and nodded.    

She then kissed his lips for some time and then gradually moved away from him.    

"You're always in my heart, " firmly said Cherry, "So don't be jealous on Joe. How could you even compare yourself with such a little kid as an adult?"  

With eyes still fixed on Cherry, Jackson was very satisfied with her action and words, and a bright smile appeared on his face.

Cherry then pushed Jackson away, and said, "Come on, drive me to the company now, I'm going to be late."

"Okay, " replied Jackson. As long as Cherry was with him, there was nothing that he wanted more from the world.



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