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Season 2

Episode 89

(The lovely son(1)

Jackson patted Cherry on her head, and said, "Don't worry, Grandpa won't come along with us, and yes, I know what you're thinking about. Let's go to the residential compound together with Joe and visit Grandpa in a couple of days. 
He'll be very happy to see Joe."   

 Cherry was satisfied with Jackson's well-considered plan, because she could explain to Andrew why she had left five years ago. It was also a very polite way for her to visit him, so that he wouldn't be too angry with her.  

After that, Cherry put on a black gown on her and accompanied Jackson to his parents' resting place in the graveyard.    

Inside the car, Cherry glanced at Jackson from time to time, but when she saw how attentively he was driving, she didn't have the heart to disturb him. Instead, she silently watched the scenery outside the window.    

After they arrived at the graveyard, Cherry got out of the car and walked to her husband. Jackson, without saying a word, put his arm around Cherry's shoulders and walked into the graveyard together.    
They finally stopped in front of two gravestones. It seemed that the stones had been standing there for many years, because the photos on them were old and faded, but you could still vaguely recognize in them that both of the figures were dressed in military uniforms. Cherry looked at them and knew that they had to be Jackson's parents.  

"They left me when I was very young, " suddenly said Jackson.    Cherry looked at him and her heart flooded with sorrow.    

"When I started to remember things, I'd already forgotten their faces, " continued Jackson.    

Cherry called out his name, and leaned close to his chest. 


"Baby, before I married you, Grandpa was my only relative in the whole world, and even though I don't remember my parents, I still miss them, because they gave me life. The memory I had of them when I was a little kid has faded away, but I still try sometimes to recall some things about them, " slowly said Jackson.    

Cherry then felt bad in her heart; she knew that Jackson cherished his parents because they meant a lot to him. When Cherry looked back on her own life, she suddenly felt that hers had been fortunate enough compared to Jackson's, because she still had her parents, and they had been with her for most of her life.  

Jackson, however, had only a few faint memories of his parents.  

"Jackson, Joe and I will stay with you forever... We won't leave you alone!" earnestly said Cherry as she looked up to Jackson.    

Jackson then dropped his gaze onto Cherry, and a tear trickled down on his cheek. He said, "Baby, thank you."    

Cherry also started to cry when she saw Jackson's tear, and she reached out her hand and wiped his tear away. Her heart was aching when she saw the strong man showing his vulnerable side in front of her. She suddenly realized that Jackson wasn't always as strong as he seemed to be, and that sometimes he could be as fragile as a butterfly's wing.  

Cherry then carefully cast her gaze onto the gravestones in front of her. She looked at the two photos on them, and said, "Dad, mom, I'm Cherry, Jackson's wife... Please forgive me that I haven't come to see you until now, after I married into the Chu Family, into your Family, for so many years. 

Grandpa's fine, and we'll go to the residential compound to visit him in a few days. Jackson and I are also fine, and we're living a happy life, and I also have some good news for you: you have a grandson now, and his name is Joe, and he's a clever and good child. We'll bring him to see you next time we come to visit you again."  

Jackson heard Cherry's words and felt warm in his heart. He was thankful that she could be there with him at his side.    

They stood in front of the gravestones for a long time. Before they left there, Cherry casually looked around and happened to see several petals in the soil beside the graves. The petals seemed to be fresh, and hadn't withered yet.    

Cherry immediately felt puzzled. 

Besides the flowers that they had put in front of the gravestones, there were no other flowers nearby, but the petals she spotted were obviously not from theirs.  She wondered, 'Has anyone else come here before us?'  

When Jackson saw Cherry stop, he asked, "What's wrong?"    

Cherry immediately snapped out of her thought. She shook her head, and said, "Nothing. Let's go."    

After that, she took a quick glance at the petals again, and then finally left the cemetery with Jackson.    

After they went back home, they sat on the sofa together, and Cherry lovingly nestled in Jackson's arms.    
"Jackson, " suddenly said Cherry.    

"What's the matter?" replied Jackson, as he lowered his head and looked at Cherry.  

"I want to go to work tomorrow, " replied Cherry. She asked for Jackson's permission with her eyes, and tried not to irritate him.    

"You don't have to go to work. Just stay at home and I'll give you all the money that you want, " immediately answered Jackson.  He believed that there was no need for her to go to work and make money, because he had more than enough to have them covered for life.    

Cherry hastily explained, "But it's too boring for me to stay at home... If I go to work, I have my colleagues to keep me company, or otherwise, I'll be bored to death when you're not around and Joe's at school."  

Jackson thought for a while, and finally understood that she couldn't stand being alone at home. He calmly asked, "Do you really want to go to work?"    

"Absolutely!" firmly replied Cherry as she heavily nodded her head to him.    

"Okay, then do as you wish. Since Selina is with you at the JS Group, I won't feel uneasy."    

Cherry felt happy and was about just to thank to him, but when she thought over his words better, she felt that there was something wrong with them. She pretended to be angry, and said, "What do you mean by 'feel uneasy'? Do you feel easy about leaving me alone at home?"  

"What if another man tries to seduce you at work?" suddenly asked Jackson.

"Jackson!" shouted Cherry as she patted on Jackson's chest.



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