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Season 2

Episode 61

(Consider about it (2)

Cherry didn't know what to say when she heard him.    

She cuddled against Joe, and just said, "Joe, let's go to sleep now."    

Joe knew that his Mommy avoided to talk about this. Her mind was a total mess, and he thought that a good night sleep might do her good.    

The next morning, Cherry woke up early and went to the kitchen, because she wanted to prepare a good breakfast for her family.  

Wilson was surprised when he saw Cherry preparing the food. He walked into the kitchen, and as he looked at Cherry, said, "Cherry, why did you get up so early?"    

"Morning, Wilson, " smiled Cherry, "I want to cook my family a great breakfast."    

Wilson nodded to show his agreement without saying anything else.    

He then came near to Cherry, and couldn't help but ask, "Cherry, what happened last night?"    

Cherry's face changed a little. After she paused for a moment, she said, "Wilson, I don't know how to tell Jackson about Joe."  

"Have you decided to tell him?" asked Wilson.    

"Yes, he has to know, sooner or later, " answered Cherry.    

After a short moment of silence, Wilson said, "Cherry, I think that you need to prepare him for the truth first before you tell him."    

Cherry pondered this thought while cooking, and said, "Well, I'll think about it and find a chance to tell him."    

Cherry felt bitter inside. She didn't tell Wilson about what Sally had said to her yesterday because she didn't want other people to know about this. After all, Jackson was her husband, and she had to confront this issue alone with him.  

After breakfast, Cherry drove to work, and when she entered the office, she ran into Selina and greeted her politely.    

"Morning, Miss Selina, " said Cherry.    

"Morning, Cherry! You came early today, " answered Selina with a smile on her face. She had now fully accepted Cherry as her sister-in-law, and she could tell that things between Jackson and Cherry were going well. She was really happy for them.    

"Yes, you too, " said Cherry as she looked around the place; Caroline hadn't arrived yet.  

"Yeah, not so much to do this morning, but I still came here earlier, " said Selina as she pulled Cherry by her arm into her office.    

Cherry felt that Selina had something to say to her, so she followed her without asking anymore questions.    

Sitting on the sofa in her office, Selina looked at Cherry seriously, and said, "Cherry, I want to talk about something with you."    

"Sure, what do you want to tell me, Miss Selina?"    

"I might need to go on a business trip for a while, and I want you to come with me." Selina then looked at Cherry, as if she had asked her to accept, and then added, "Do you want to come with me?"  

Cherry was caught by surprise. "Well..."    

She was worried about Joe; if she were to leave for a while, then who was going to take care of Joe? He had to lay in her arms to fall asleep every night; that was one of his fixed habits to depend on his mother. 'If I'm gone, then will he cry himself to sleep when I'm not there? 

Is he going to miss me?' she thought.    

Selina didn't know what Cherry was thinking. She thought that maybe she was worried that it was going to be boring to go with her, so Selina quickly added, "Jackson and my brother will also come with us. I already told my brother about it last night and he said that he'll ask Jackson today. If Jackson's willing to go, then he'll also come with us, and then it would be the four of us together. Also, I only need to work one day, so you can either stay with me while I'm working, or you can go out with Jackson and my brother. The rest of the days are reserved for us travelling together."  

Selina thought to herself that although this trip was indeed for business, it wasn't that much work, and she had better take advantage of it and have some fun. In fact, she was supposed to go by herself, but she thought that more people automatically equaled more fun. 

The most important reason was that she secretly hoped that Cherry could be with Jackson again, because she wanted them to stay together as a couple.  

Cherry was startled when she heard that Derek and Jackson would also go, but she didn't give it too much thought, because at that moment Joe was the only one that she thought about. Whether Jackson was going to go or not wasn't her first concern.    

When Selina saw that she got no response out of Cherry, she asked again, "What's wrong? Do you have other plans?"    

Cherry then finally came around, and afraid that Selina might take her wrong, she quickly answered her, "Miss Selina, can...can I think about it first?"  

Selina was somehow confused when she saw Cherry's reaction. She couldn't force Cherry to come with them, so she said, "Okay, but please tell me your decision before next morning. If you want to go, we'll leave the day after tomorrow, and I'll also check with Jackson and my brother this afternoon."

Cherry nodded dully, still thinking about how to tell Joe about it.




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