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Season 2

Episode 59

(You should leave him)

Sally, however, insisted on saying, "Cherry, I can only see you this one time. If you don't come, then I'll continue to see Jackson in the future."    

"Can you promise me that you won't bother him anymore if I agree to see you?"  Cherry knew the right questions to ask Sally.    

"You..." Sally choked up with her anger again.    

She then paused for a moment, and said, "Maybe I will if you make our meeting possible tonight."  

Cherry didn't reply this time, and hesitated for a moment. She had nothing to say to Sally. 'Should I take the risk to meet Sally for Jackson?' she thought.    

Eventually, Cherry said, "Tell me where and when."    

Sally chuckled on the other side of the line, and said, "At eight o'clock, in the Island Cafe."    

Cherry then hung up the phone.    

When she went downstairs, she found that Jackson was still making the coffee. She walked over to him and hugged him from behind.  

Jackson glanced at her and laughed. He asked, "What's wrong?  Why are you acting like a child now all of a sudden?"    

"I just wanted to hug you, " said Cherry gently.    

"I want that too. Why don't you stay here with me?" said Jackson as he poured the coffee into cups.    

When Cherry saw that the coffee was ready, she let Jackson go and reached out to grab a cup. After she took a quick sip out of it, she said, "I'm going now."    

"Why not go later?" said Jackson fondly, trying to convince her to stay.  

After they finished their coffee, they cuddled in the living room for a little while longer before Cherry went on her way.    

She didn't go home, and instead drove directly to the Island Cafe.    

When Cherry arrived, Sally was already there waiting for her. She walked straight to Sally's table and sat opposite to her.    

Sally put a smile on her face, and asked, "What would you like to drink?  It's my treat."    

Cherry refused her straightforwardly, because she wanted nothing to do with Sally. She said, "Nothing, thank you, I've just had some coffee with my husband earlier."  

Sally felt very uncomfortable when she heard her answer.    

When she saw that Sally was silent, Cherry began, "Go ahead, what do you want to talk to me about?"    

"You tell me, " said Sally, who was trying to look graceful. She continued, "I don't think that there is anything interesting for us to talk about except the matter concerning Jackson."    

"Go ahead, say what you want to say, " said Cherry flatly while staring at her opponent.    

"Have you and Jackson been living together?  Have you returned to the family residence?"  

Sally was interested to know if they had gotten back together before she could make her next move.  

"But you have seen it with your own eyes?"  

Cherry did not want to give her a straightforward answer, because she knew that Sally excelled at scheming.    

"Cherry Shen, you're more clever than ever, "  said Sally, with a mysterious smile on her lips.    

"Thank you, you're flattering me! I know that I've changed, but I'm not more clever, " said Cherry gracefully.    

Sally chuckled, and continued, "It seems that living abroad does change people."  

"Then why don't you have a go at it? See if it also works on you."  

Cherry targeted each and every one of Sally's words. She hated talking with the woman in front of her.    

"Cherry, do you want to me to leave Jackson?"  asked Sally, without faking anymore. "You can leave him, but I can't. I'll always be at his side."    
However, Cherry wasn't disturbed by Sally's serious words, and instead calmly said, "If I remember correctly, you've been away from him for much longer than I had, right? 

You've left him alone for more years than I did."    

"Cherry Shen, I believe that you also remember that Jackson and I had been in a relationship from the very beginning. Jackson and I belong to each other."  said Sally, locking eyes with Cherry.  

"Why don't you ask my husband Jackson about it by yourself? And ask him if you and him really belong to each other, " retorted Cherry.  She continued, "I only remember that my husband asked me to marry him, and we signed our names on a marriage certificate."    

"Stop showing off, " shouted Sally while quivering with rage. "You're loving a man that doesn't have a heart, because I've stolen it from the beginning! He'll never abandon me, and even though you're his wife, he still only loves me!"  

Cherry remained emotionless at Sally's provocations, but she secretly clenched her fists under the table, feeling a bit nervous.    

Sally went on to say, "When I was with him, he brought me breakfast every morning, and we went together to school hand in hand, and after classes we also returned home together. Every weekend we would go to the amusement park and ride Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds, and..."    

But Cherry interrupted Sally before she could say anything more.    

"Enough!" growled Cherry. "Save your old romance for yourself!"    

Sally felt a little satisfied to irritate Cherry, and she didn't stop. "Aren't you curious about your husband's past?"  

"No, I'm not, " said Cherry, without any sort of hesitation in her voice. She didn't even want to recall what had happened five years ago, let alone dig up Jackson's past.    

"You don't have the guts to face it, do you?" asked Sally. She then gave a sneering laugh, and said, "It turns out that you don't even know who Jackson really is."    

Cherry didn't answer, and instead looked out the window.    

Sally saw Cherry's reaction, and abruptly said, "Cherry, do you really think that you'll live a happy life with Jackson?"  

Cherry again didn't reply.    

Sally continued to say, "Let me tell you something: only someone like me is right for him!"    

"Why?"  suddenly asked Cherry. She wanted to hear Sally's excuse and see how ridiculous it was.    

However, what Sally said almost scared the heck out of her.    

Sally suddenly leaned closer, and as she looked into Cherry's eyes, she enunciated, "Because Jackson has killed people. And he killed these people for me."    

Cherry opened her eyes wide and looked at Sally in disbelief. Sally's words echoed in her ears.  

Sally then leaned away from Cherry, and continued, "That's why I'm the only one right for him. I can help him and protect him, but what can you do for him?"    

Paying no attention to what Sally said, Cherry kept shaking her head, and murmured, "No, no, it can't be."    
When Sally saw that Cherry was slowly losing control, she asked her, "Do you really think that the Chu's have earned all they have today only by their eloquence? Cherry, you're too innocent."    

Cherry stared blankly with her heart violently throbbing inside her chest with terror.  

All of a sudden, it horrified her to think that her life was actually slowly heading into darkness.    

Sally cared too little about Cherry's feelings, and said, "Leave him, because you'll be barely helpful to him if something bad actually happens one day, which certainly will. I'm the only one that can help him because I'm also involved in some of the things, not to mention that I also have the wits."    

Cherry stared at Sally and could only see a mischievous determination in her eyes.  




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