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Season 2

Episode 58

(I don't wanna talk to you (2)

"Alright, I'll talk to her when I have the time, " said Cherry hastily, in an attempt to drop the subject. When she saw that Jackson didn't protest, Cherry instantly ceased worrying about it.    

Jackson fondled Cherry's thick hair, and said, "Babe, how do you want to decorate the house?"    

"I'll have to think about it, " expectantly said Cherry.    

They didn't leave the villa until it was afternoon.  

Cherry went upstairs into their bedroom, and then laid on the bed to get some rest. When Jackson saw her there, he jumped onto the bed and accidentally fell on top of her curvy body.    

"Ouch, don't be stupid! Sleep on the other side of the bed, " protested Cherry.    

Jackson reluctantly moved his body slightly away from Cherry, but still laid on the bed next to her.    

"Babe, can you stay overnight again at our apartment?" asked Jackson in a pleading, gentle voice.    

"No, I can't, " replied Cherry. She already missed her son, since she hadn't returned back home the previous evening, and she was also afraid that she might call out her son's name in her dreams. Jackson would then find out about Joe's existence, and the consequence would be too terrible.  

Jackson was a bit upset, and he laid next to Cherry and said nothing.    

Cherry knew that Jackson was angry, so she rolled over to look at him. "Jackson, please don't be mad at me, " she said.    

Jackson remained silent and silently looked at her.    

Cherry was a bit worried, because it was clear that he was dissatisfied with her refusal. She then suddenly touched his lips with a lingering kiss.  

Immediately after Cherry stopped, Jackson kissed her back aggressively. It took just a moment for him to be totally aroused, and he thought that only Cherry had the power to seduce him and to force him to break the rules.    

Unwilling to further anger Jackson, Cherry chose to keep silent.    

After the lingering kiss, Jackson's face stayed close to Cherry's, and she felt his breath warm on her face.    

"I don't want to let you go, " said Jackson.    

Cherry thought for a moment, and resolutely said, "Jackson, I promise that I'll be back after a couple of days."  

Cherry made up her mind to tell Jackson about their son, however, she still had no idea of how to introduce Joe to Jackson, and how to arrange the first meeting between father and son.    

"Alright, " reluctantly answered Jackson.    

Cherry sensed the embarrassing and serious atmosphere, and felt that it was ominous. She said, "Jackson, I would like a cup of coffee; can you make one for me?"    
Jackson immediately agreed, "Of course I can! Wait a minute."    

After this, Jackson tenderly fondled her head for a few moments more and then left.  

Looking at Jackson's disappearing figure, Cherry knew she had gotten luck. Although sometimes she was touched by what he did for her, other times she was very upset.    

Not long after Jackson left the room, his mobile phone rang. 

Cherry was about to call Jackson, but she knew that he was downstairs and that he might not hear her. She picked his phone and saw that Sally was calling him.    

Cherry's calm expression suddenly changed, and anger started to boil inside her. Why would Sally call Jackson?    

Before she answered the phone, Cherry thought for a brief moment about what she would say to her. 

 "Hello, " coldly asnwered Cherry.    Sally, on the other side of the line, was surprised to hear Cherry's voice. She asked, "Cherry?"    

"What's up? Why do you sound surprised?" asked Cherry.    

"Where's Jackson? Why are you answering his phone?" said Sally in an uneasy tone.    

"Can't I answer my own husband's phone? All of his things are my things as well, " said Cherry sternly. 

She knew that she couldn't be soft to a woman as shameless as Sally, and she had to be tough to defend her marriage.  

But Sally also didn't allow herself to be provoked so easily, and asked, "Cherry, do you really want to start a fight with me?"    

"You must be kidding me, " said Cherry sarcastically. "Don't you think that you're the one who's calling my husband? Now, you tell me that I want to start a fight with you! Ha!"    

"Cherry, you slut, you're not his wife!" shouted Sally infuriated over the phone. In Sally's mind, she was Jackson's only wife, because she considered that all of her other rivals weren't good enough for Jackson.    

Cherry also did't flinch, and retorted, "Sally, do you want me to show you our marriage certificate? Or would you rather check the Chu Clan's family register?"  

"You bitch!" Sally was so angry that she almost lost her words. She had never thought that Cherry could be so tough.    

Sally gradually calmed down, and said, "Cherry, now that you've answered Jackson's phone, can we also meet together tonight to have a talk?"    

"Do you think you deserve a meeting with me?" asked Cherry. 

"Oh, you want to apologize to me, right?"    

Sally burst into anger again, and said, "Cherry, I'm warning you, don't go too far with this! Do you know what the consequences of provoking me are?"  

"I have no idea of what those consequences are, and I really don't want to know them. Besides, I would like to stay as far away as possible from a slut like you, " retorted Cherry. Clearly, she refused any sort of meeting with Sally.



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