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Season 2

Episode 57

(I don't want to talk to you(1)

Jackson drove his car to the apartment, and after he got out of his car, he carried Cherry into their house.    

He gently laid Cherry on the bed in their bedroom on the second floor. When he saw her flushed face in the light, Jackson felt even more tipsy, and his body responded to the irresistible temptation in front of him.    

Jackson rolled on top of Cherry's body, and fondled her face. He gently said, "Baby, you're all mine tonight!"  

Before Cherry could say anything, Jackson slowly started to fondle her, and they passionately made love to one another.    

When morning came, the sunlight flooded the room. Both of them were sleeping soundly, with Jackson embracing Cherry in his arms.    

Cherry slowly opened her eyes and saw that Jackson was glued to her body. She tried to push him away off of her, but failed, and in a sweet voice, said, "Jackson, you're sleeping on me! Go away!"    

Jackson heard what Cherry said, and gently replied, "Be good and go back to sleep babe."  

"But you're hurting me!" persisted Cherry. As she moved her body, the pains coming from her private parts made her complain.    

Hearing Cherry's painful moan, Jackson immediately opened his eyes, and looked at Cherry with concern.  "What happened?" asked Jackson.    

Cherry then shot an angry glance at Jackson and furiously said, "You hurt me last night! You overdid it this time."    

Then, Jackson gave her a big smile, and said, "Come on, let me have a look. It can't be that bad!"    

After he said this, Jackson was about to lower his head under the blanket, but Cherry hurried to stop him. However, she still felt a sharp pain, and she had to clench her teeth while beads of cold sweat were dripping off of her forehead. 

 When he saw Cherry frown, Jackson immediately stopped. He asked, "Are you okay?"    

Cherry got angry and patted Jackson on his chest. She said, "It hurts like hell."    

Jackson looked guilty. He embraced Cherry firmly in his arms, and said, "I'm so sorry, babe. This is all my fault."    

In a daze, Cherry enjoyed Jackson's warm embrace.    

After she calmed down, Jackson whispered in her ear, "Babe, you don't have to go to work today. After we take a shower and eat, I'll take you somewhere."  

"Where're we going?" asked Cherry curiously.    

"You'll know when we get there, " replied Jackson, clearly not intending to tell her anything yet. He had prepared a special surprise for her.    

"How dare you keep secrets from me! If I'm not satisfied with where you'll bring me, I promise that you'll certainly regret it!" said Cherry in a very threatening tone. She was angry with Jackson because of his secrecy.    

"You'll be happy, don't worry, " answered Jackson wryly. He then diverted the conversation, and added, "Now, the two of us should take a shower first."  

They enjoyed their shower in the bathroom. They then went downstairs, had a simple breakfast, and walked out of their apartment.    
Inside the car, Cherry couldn't help to ask Jackson again, "Where on earth are we going?"    

"Please be patient, " said Jackson, with a broad smile on his face. He didn't want to tell her anything until they were there.    

Jackson parked his car outside of a villa by the sea, and Cherry followed him out of the car. When she saw the villa and its surroundings, she wondered why did Jackson had brought her there.  

He walked close to Cherry, and as he looked deep into her eyes, he asked, "What do you think about this place?  Do you like it?"    

"What're you talking about there? I don't understand, " replied Cherry. She had no idea of what Jackson was saying.    

He took Cherry in his arms, and as they looked at the villa in front of them, he said, "Babe, I bought this villa just for you."    

Cherry found it hard to believe what Jackson just said. She then turned to look at him, and naively asked, "You bought this for me?"  

"Yes, I bought it just for you, " answered Jackson seriously.    

Cherry's reluctancy to believe his words made Jackson laugh. He took her hand, and said, "Let me show you around the place."    

Jackson then went with Cherry inside the villa. Cherry was surprised to see the spacious rooms, and while she stood in the living room and looked out the window at the beautiful scenery outside, she was stunned.    

"Do you like it?" whispered Jackson in Cherry's ears.    

Cherry was so touched that she didn't know what to say. She had never thought that Jackson would do something so romantic and practical at the same time.  

"Jackson!" cried Cherry while embracing him. Leaning against his chest, she asked, "Why did you buy this villa?"    

"I just want you to come back home more often. If you hate returning to the apartment, you can live here from now on. I told you, Wilson isn't the only one on the globe who can afford to buy a villa where you can live. I can even buy another one for you."    

"My refusal to go home isn't because of my willingness to live in a villa!" said Cherry, but as soon as she realized that she was speaking her mind out loud, she immediately stopped talking.  

"What?" asked Jackson.  He looked at her curiously, expecting a clearer answer.    

Cherry thought for a moment before answering him, and said, "I'm thinking of living with my mom for a while longer. You know, when I lived with the Shen Family, my mom wasn't around me, but now it's possible for us to live together. I don't want to be separated from her again."    

"You can bring your mom here and let her live with us. I'm totally fine with this arrangement, and this villa is spacious enough for all of us to live here together." Jackson cared about every single word she uttered, because he also cared very much about her feelings and wellbeing.  




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