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Season 2

Episode 55

(The key of the villa (2)

Cherry felt a bit hopeless for a while. She intended to resist him, but then the elevator bell pinged, and when Cherry looked back, she found that Selina and Caroline had returned from their meeting.    

Cherry immediately walked up to them and greeted Selina.    

Noticing that Cherry looked peaceful, and that Jackson was comfortably sitting on the sofa, Selina suspected that Cherry must have cleared up the mess with Jackson. She didn't have to worry about them anymore; for the moment, at least.  

"Well, how did your conversation go?" teased Selina.    

Cherry got shy because Caroline was also standing there too, and she promptly touched Selina's arm, signalling her not to talk about the matter anymore.    

However, Selina chose to ignore her, and continued, "Earlier I caught a smell of explosives, and thought that someone was going to bring the building to crumbles. Who would have thought that it would be so quiet and peaceful now?"    

"Selina, these recent days were too easy for you, right?" said Jackson abruptly and in a cold tone.  

Both Cherry and Caroline then turned silent all of a sudden, and just stared at Jackson.    

Selina's smile faded. She lowered her head and answered, "Okay."    

Afterwards, Selina looked at the time and found that it was off-duty time. She said to Caroline, who was standing beside her, "Caroline, work's over. You can leave first."    

"Okay, " said Caroline. She exchanged glances with Cherry and then left the office.    

Selina then instantly held Cherry's arm, and said, "Sister, would you like to have dinner with us?"  

Cherry was taken aback by her request. It had never occurred to her that Selina would ask something like that, and she immediately replied, "Eh, I... I'd rather not. You two go ahead without me."    

"Oh, sister, come on, you've made peace with my brother! Don't be an outsider, okay?" said Selina, realizing that Cherry was evading the invitation. "Just have a simple meal with us. It's easy."    

Then, just as Selina finished her words, which hadn't been answered yet by Cherry, the door of the elevator opened and Derek walked out of it.    

"Brother!" cried Selina, happy when she saw Derek there.  

Selina walked up to him soon and held his arm. "Do you have any appointments tonight? Would you like to have dinner with us? Our brother and sister will also come with us."    

Derek was very happy when he heard Selina's words. He looked at Jackson first and then turned his eyes to Cherry, and said, "Of course, I'm desperate to go out with you guys! We can even go and sing some songs after dinner! Let's?celebrate tonight by going out and having a great time!"    

"That's right! Let's drink and sing together. It'll be so funny!" said Selina with a child's naiveté, snuggled up against Derek.  

Cherry couldn't refuse when she saw the lovely brother and sister sitting together and staring at her.    

Before they went downstairs, Cherry went to the washroom and called Wilson in it, and told him that she had to have dinner with them. 

Wilson didn't oppose her, but told her to just take good care of herself.    

After she finished talking with Wilson, Cherry called the phone in her bedroom. She couldn't forget about her cute son.    

At that moment, Joe was doing his homework in the room. When he heard the phone ringing, he quickly ran to answer it.  

"Hello, who is it?" said Joe in a childish voice.    

"It's mommy, " said Cherry happily.    "Mommy, when will you come back?" asked Joe in an excited way when he heard his mother's voice.    

Cherry called his name and said, "Joe, there's a chance that mommy will come back home a little bit later this evening because I'm going to have dinner with some of my friends."    

Something then immediately occurred to Joe.  "Friends? Daddy is one of them, right?" asked Joe.    

Cherry hadn't expected that her little son would figure things out so quickly. She said, "Yes, so I'm going to be a bit late. You can play on the computer for a while after dinner, but go to sleep early, okay?"  

"Will you come back home tonight?" asked Joe. He hoped that his Mommy wouldn't, because she would be safe if his daddy was beside her. Furthermore, if they lived together, then they would have more time to foster the relationship between them better.    

"Maybe." Cherry wasn't sure about that, because Derek had just said that they were going to sing songs after dinner, and she didn't know how much time that would take.  

"Okay, " said Joe obediently. "Then I won't wait for you Mommy, and I'm going to sleep early tonight. You can come back if you want to, but if you don't, you can always find somewhere else to sleep."    

Hearing what Joe said, Cherry didn't know how to reply to him. She softly said, "Joe, make sure that you have your quilt on you when you go to sleep. Take care of yourself and don't be cold!"    

"Okay, I know, Mommy."    

Cherry felt more at ease after she hung up. There was nothing to be worried about, because her son was safe.    

In the office room, Derek took out a key and then gave it to Jackson. He said, "Well, here you are, the key to your new villa."  

Jackson didn't reply immediately. He asked, "What?"    

"The key to the villa, " said Derek angrily. He wanted to squeeze him to death because of his ignorance, because it was him who had asked him to buy the villa in the first place. 

How could he even ask about it?    As soon as Selina heard the conversation about the villa she got curious and walked up to Jackson. 

With one of her arms around Jackson's shoulder, she said with a mean smirk on her face, "Hehe, you bought it for my sister-in-law, right?"  




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