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Season 2

Episode 54

(The Key of the villa (1)

When she heard what Jackson said, Cherry suddenly stopped. She heard his voice behind her and knew that Jackson wasn't joking, because if he spoke something, he also had the ability to achieve it.    

Jackson felt very happy when he saw Cherry stop.    

She slowly turned around, and with her eyes fixed on Jackson, asked, "What do you want to do?"    

Jackson quickly walked to Cherry but didn't answer her question, and instead grabbed Cherry's arm and dragged her into Selina's office. He then opened the door of the resting room and walked with Cherry inside.  

After he closed the door, Jackson tightly held Cherry in his arms, and asked in a cold tone, "Tell me, is my nephew still in your heart?"    

Jackson was too tired to call John's name and he just called him nephew. He had to make Cherry realize the fact that John was her nephew, and that she couldn't think of any sort of nonsense.    

Cherry didn't want to face Jackson's eyes. She lowered her head, and said, "No."    

Noticing that Cherry didn't want to look into his eyes, Jackson pinched her chin and raised her head to make her look at him. He commanded her, "Now, answer me again."  

Cherry felt helpless when she looked at Jackson, who was more or less just like a demon. Why did he have to suspect her all the time? He had already said that John was his nephew, so how could she have ever had something going on with him in secret?    

"There's nothing between us, really, you're thinking too much, " said Cherry resigned.    

"So why did you ask him for help? My help wasn't good enough?" asked Jackson coldly.    

"No, " said Cherry. She didn't know how to explain it to him. She couldn't tell him that she had taken too many things into account and had decided not to ask for his help.  

"So? What's the reason?" Jackson didn't give up on his inquiry.    

Cherry realized that it wasn't an option to keep Jackson curious. He would never let her go if she didn't tell him her reasons.    

Thinking about it for a moment, Cherry told herself that she had to forget that they were in Selina's resting room on the top floor. Her biggest problem was how to deal with Jackson.    

Staring into Jackson's eyes, Cherry gently touched his chest with her hands. She held Jackson's neck, and as she pressed her body against his, said, "Jackson, don't you believe me? I really have nothing with John, and I know that he is our nephew. Can't we ask our own nephew for help? Do we really need to regard him as an outsider?"  

Jackson's heart melted every time when Cherry took the initiative to explain things to him in her sweet way. This little woman's coquettish moves and words always affected his heart.    

Cherry got closer to Jackson's face when she saw that he didn't say a word. She came closer with her lips to Jackson's bearded chin, and said, "Jackson, please don't be angry, just believe me! There's nothing between John and me, I just wanted to do something for my brother. It's unimportant whether it was you or our nephew who helped me, so please don't be angry anymore, okay?"  

Jackson couldn't endure Cherry's sweet words anymore. He gently kissed her face, and then wildly kissed her lips.    

Cherry didn't resist him at all, and instead tried to reply in the same manner.    

Love soon began to ignite between the two, and they slowly began to make themselves feel at home and do what they want in the small space.  

Time passed slowly, and Jackson and Cherry slept together on the small bed. Jackson held Cherry in his arms tightly while Cherry was lying on his chest. The room had become a complete mess, with their clothes thrown all around on the bed and floor.    

"Don't drag me into this room ever again in the future! It's Selina's private resting room, " said Cherry, held tight into Jackson's arms.    

"Who said it was hers in the first place? It definitely belongs to me. She never rested here an hour, " said Jackson, again with an overbearing and superior tone.    

Cherry felt a bit curious. She suddenly raised her head and lied on Jackson's body, and with her eyes on him, asked, "Really?"  

"How could I lie to you? The outside office room is big enough for her, and we've agreed from the beginning that the resting room belongs to me, " said Jackson. He then added, "I would have never expected it to belong to us."    

After he said this, Jackson held Cherry firmly in his arms.    

But, in a cold tone, Cherry said, "Don't come to our company to find me, and don't do this again! We can talk about these things in other places."    

"If I want to talk about them at home, would you like to listen to my words?" asked Jackson all of a sudden.  

Cherry didn't say a word, and it was obvious that Jackson wanted her to come back.    

Seeing that Cherry didn't answer him, Jackson didn't want to force her. Instead, in a soft and tender voice, he whispered into Cherry's ear, "That's alright, I won't force you. You can come back when you really want to."    

The only thing that Jackson wanted to do was to be with her, but he didn't want to force her when she wasn't willing to come back by herself. He had to wait for her, and believed that one day she would return to him all by herself.    

Much later, Cherry said, "Jackson, let's go out now."  

Jackson fondled Cherry's beautiful hair and kissed her forehead hard. "Sure, " he answered her.    

Afterwards, they put on their clothes and got out of the resting room.    

Sitting on the sofa, Jackson leisurely viewed the scenery unfolding in front of him outside the window.    

When she saw Jackson, she said unnaturally, "So, I'll go to work first."    
"What? What are you going to do at this hour? What are you working for? Stay with me here." Jackson looked pretty domineering when he spoke these words. How could his woman possibly go to work? She had married him to enjoy life, not to suffer.  




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