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Season 2

Episode 53

(Do you still have him in your mind?)

Jackson suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him, and after he pondered for a moment on Derek's words, he found that there was nothing wrong with them. Did Cherry want to live in the villa because she didn't like the apartment?    

When he saw Jackson staring at him, Derek thought that he might have said something wrong, and he immediately pretended to focus all of his attention to his driving.    

"Report to me how the real estate market has been going recently, " said Jackson.  

Derek was surprised when he heard Jackson's words, and quickly replied, "Okay, okay."    

Jackson looked out the window and wondered whether Cherry would come back to him if he bought her a new villa.    

When they arrived at the barracks, Jackson and Derek made their routine inspection, and after they found that everything was in order, they returned to the family residence.    

Back at home Jackson saw that his grandpa was watching the news report in the living room, and after he briefly greeted him, he walked to his room to rest for a while.  

While laying in bed, Jackson's heart yearned for Cherry, like it always did when she wasn't around him.    

At that moment, Jackson's phone rang. He looked at it and saw that it was Bobby, and then it suddenly occurred to him that he had asked him to find out who had helped Wilson save his company.    

Jackson answered, "Hello."    

"Your nephew was the one who helped Wilson save his company, and according to reliable information, he went again to Wilson's company to look for him just this morning, " reported Bobby succinctly.  

When he heard him, Jackson's face instantly started to tense. He sat up from bed and furiously repeated, "John?"    

"Yes, " answered Bobby firmly.    

Ahh? torrent of anger then shined in Jackson's eyes. He wondered if Cherry had actually gone to John. 

Did she prefer John's help more than his? Was it because she had loved him before?    

Jackson hung up the phone and squeezed it tightly in his hand with his eyes full of hatred. His loathing for Cherry grew unspeakably, because he couldn't believe that she had actually went to ask for help from her former lover instead of accepting his.  

Jackson immediately jumped out of bed and was hell bent on finding Cherry.    

He went downstairs, strode across the living room, and furiously went out through the door without even saying goodbye to his grandpa.    

When he saw that Jackson's mood was pretty bad, Andrew tried to ask concernedly, "Jackson, what happened?"    

But Jackson was already out of the house before Andrew had the chance to finish his words. It seemed that he had uttered them only for himself.    

Outside the family residence, when Jackson was about to get into his car, he saw Derek walk up to him, but he didn't want to pay any attention to him.  

Derek was cheerful when he saw Jackson, and said, "Jackson, I inquired with somebody just now and I've found a villa in the southern part of the city, with a great scenery also. Do you want to buy this one?"    
Jackson brushed Derek aside with just one word. "Sure, " he said.    

Derek felt the rage heating the air around him, and immediately asked, "What's wrong? Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going?"    

But Jackson didn't answer him, and instead got into his car, started the engine and left the family residence.  

Watching the car disappear in the distance, Derek shook his head and muttered to himself, "What's wrong with him? I'd better go and buy the villa for him."    

Jackson drove his car to the JS Group as quickly as he could. When the receptionist saw him entering the lobby, looking so infuriated, she was too scared to even utter a single word to him and instead just stood paralyzed at her post.    

Jackson walked straight to the elevators and took the chairman's up to the top floor.  

At that moment, Selina was discussing business with several general managers from different departments, while Caroline and Cherry were busy with their work at their desks.    

The door of the elevator then suddenly opened and Jackson walked out of it. Both Caroline and Cherry raised their heads to see who the unexpected guest was, but when Cherry saw at Jackson's face, she didn't know how to face the unexpected.    

Caroline politely said, "Mr Jackson, you're here!"    

Selina also noticed that Jackson had arrived at the office, and after she said a few words to her managers, she went to greet him. 

"Jackson, how could you be here now? Can I help you with something?" asked Selina with a smile on her face.  

Jackson glanced at Selina but didn't pay too much attention to her, and then he turned his eyes to Cherry who was standing beside her.    

Cherry was startled by his appearance, and wondered what had happened that made him glance at her so viciously.    

Selina briefly looked at Jackson and then turned her eyes to Cherry. She immediately realized that Jackson had come there for Cherry and that he might have something to do with her.  

She then made good use of her powers as chief executive, and said to the managers in the office, "Gather up your documents and let's go to the meeting room on the fifth floor to keep working." After this, she looked at Caroline and said, "Follow me to the meeting room to take the minute."    

"Okay, " said Caroline. She stood up, grabbed a notebook with her, and walked away with Selina.    

It was only until all of them left that Jackson began to step closer and closer to Cherry.    

When she saw Jackson slowly approaching her step by step, Cherry began to feel frightened and started to step backwards, but she was eventually cornered by him. 

She stared at him and didn't know what to expect.  

"Just try to escape; I want to see where you can go." Jackson was staring fiercely at Cherry with his hand pressed against the wall behind her. How could this woman still want to run away from him?    

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Cherry.    

"You know it better than me." replied Jackson.    

"What do you want to do? We're in the JS Group now, not at home, " impatiently said Cherry. She realized that Jackson had started to act overbearing again.  

"Do you think I would be so careful if we were at home?" Jackson thought that he couldn't be more patient to her, and he didn't say anything when he saw that there still were some people in Selina's office. He cared about Cherry's feelings and how she felt after all.    

Cherry didn't want to listen to Jackson's words anymore. She tried to calm herself down, and as she looked at Jackson, she peacefully asked, "What happened?"    

Jackson stared into Cherry's eyes, and said, "You preferred John's help instead of mine, right?"    

What Jackson said startled Cherry.  

"You know about that?" asked Cherry.    

"Do you really think that there's anything that I don't know about you or what you do?" replied Jackson.    

Cherry moved her eyes from Jackson and then lowered her head. She took a deep breath of air inside her lungs and was ready to argue with Jackson. She raised her head, and as she looked at Jackson, said, "Yes, I asked John for help because I didn't want to bother you."    

"So you decided that you would better bother John instead?" asked Jackson immediately.  

Cherry didn't know how to explain things to Jackson. She said, "I met him by chance. He told me that he could help my brother and I didn't say anything more, I just accepted his help."    

"Did you think that I didn't have the ability to help Wilson?" asked Jackson. "Or that I have less money than John has?"    

"I didn't mean that!"    

"Then what did you mean? Tell me, do you still have John on your mind? Tell me!" Jackson eventually stopped his inquiries.    

Cherry looked at Jackson astonished, and suddenly scolded him, "Jackson, you wretch!"  

Then, Cherry pushed Jackson away and started to leave.

When he saw her, he asked his final question, "Do you think that I can't destroy Wilson's company?"



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