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Season 2

Episode 46

(Something has gone wrong(2)

Selina patted Cherry on her shoulder, and with concern in her voice, said, "Don't exhaust yourself! Finish what you have now, and I'll go look for the document in my office; then, we can go downstairs together, okay?"    

"Okay, " said Cherry.    

Cherry and Selina then went downstairs to the underground parking lot and said goodbye to each other.    

While Cherry was driving her car on her way back home, she received a call from Elsa.  

"Hello, mother! What's up?" answered Cherry.    

"Cherry, are you off duty already?" asked Elsa anxiously.    

"Yes, I'm actually driving back home right now, " replied Cherry, who already guessed that her mother was wondering when she would be arriving home.    

Elsa continued, "Cherry, go to the school now and pick Joe up. Your brother's still working at the company, so he didn't go to school to get Joe. Just a few minutes ago, a teacher called and said that Joe was still at school waiting for someone to pick him up."  

"Okay mother, I'll be right there, " hastily said Cherry.    

After she hung up, Cherry made a turn and then drove to Joe's school.    
At the school's gate, Cherry saw that her son was standing there, accompanied by a female teacher. 

'She's the teacher I met a couple of days ago, ' thought Cherry.    

Cherry got out of her car and went to Joe.    

"Joe!" cried Cherry.    

"Mommy!" When Joe saw his mother, he run to her, and the teacher also followed him and came closer to Cherry.  

Cherry hugged his son and saw the teacher approaching her. "I'm really sorry for having kept you waiting for so long, " said Cherry to the teacher, in a both respectful, and regretful, manner.    

"It's alright, I saw that Joe's uncle didn't come on time to pick him up, so I naturally called. It's my responsibility to take good care of my students, anyway, " said the teacher politely.    

Cherry nodded and didn't speak a word more. She still remembered that last time when she had met with this teacher, her condescending attitude was annoying, but today it seemed that she behaved politely; Cherry didn't like this sudden change.  

"Goodbye, have a good night, " said Cherry, and quickly set off on her way with Joe.    

"Goodbye, " answered the teacher, and as she looked at Joe, she also said, "Behave yourself after you go home; can you do that for me?"    

"Of course I can do that! Goodbye, " replied Joe. He then took his mother's hand and walked with her towards the car.    

Cherry also nodded to the teacher and left.    

While Cherry drove the car back home, she asked her son, "Joe, how come your uncle didn't come and get you today?"  

"I have no idea, Mommy. When school ended, I didn't see either uncle or his car anywhere, so I asked the gatekeeper to call him. 

His secretary answered and said that he was having an important meeting and asked me to wait for a little while longer. I had nowhere to go and had to wait for him, but he still didn't show up, " seriously answered Joe.    

"And then your teacher called home?" asked Cherry.    

"Yes, she called because all of my classmates had already left, " said Joe. He then thought of something else, and continued, "Mommy, after your last talk with her, her attitude towards me has changed a lot. Now she's really nice to me, and takes good care of me; I'm not used to her being like this to me."  

Cherry heard what Joe said, but didn't say anything. She knew that it was because of Jackson, and because of his serious influence in every corner of the city.    

Joe had guessed the reason right, and he looked at Cherry and asked, "Mommy, is my daddy really that influencial? Did my teacher change her attitude towards me just because she's afraid of daddy?"    

Cherry knew that Joe was much smarter than she had ever expected him to be. She thought that if she were at Joe's age, she could have never guessed the reason behind the teacher's sudden change of attitude.  

"You know that your father is beyond greatness, " sarcastically said Cherry.    

Joe didn't ask any other questions; he already knew that Jackson was the real master of the city, and that he was his only son. But, his mother, who should have enjoyed the high position and great wealth with her husband, was suffering. How could he be so selfish to recognize Jackson as his father?    

Cherry sensed his son's silence and didn't know how to comfort him. She then thought for a moment, and proposed to him, "Joe, shall we go to your uncle's company and check on what he's doing?"  

"Yes!" replied Joe cheerfully.    

"Ok, let's go then."    

"Mommy, I'm gonna read my comic books, " said Joe. He then took one out of his bag and carefully and cheerfully started to read it.    

When they arrived at Wilson's company, Cherry pulled the car in the parking zone. Then, she and Joe got out of the car and went upstairs to his office.    

Outside Wilson's office Cherry looked inside, but couldn't see him. A secretary then came to them.  

"Excuse me, but where can I find my uncle?" asked Joe.    

The secretary seemed to know Cherry, and while she wore a professional smile on her face, she said, "Are you Ms. Cherry? Mr. Wilson's having a meeting right now. Can you wait for a moment?"    
"Alright, " answered Cherry. She took Joe's hand and walked with him to the reception room.    

The secretary then brought them two glasses with water. Cherry wondered if something had happened to Wilson, because every time, no matter how busy he had been, he had never forgotten to pick Joe up from school.  

Immediately after the secretary put down the glasses on the table in front of them, Cherry asked her, "Is something bad happening with your company?"



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