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Season 4

Episode 44

(Gu Yusheng, I’m Qin Zhi’ai (4)

The beauty salon was very quiet, and there was no one in the hallway.

With the sound of Zhou Jing and Liang Doukou’s footsteps getting closer and closer, Jiang Qianqian also heard their conversation more clearly.

“Since she’s asked us to meet, instead of directly exposing the evidence of our wrongdoings, let’s make sure that she’s in it for the money. Don’t worry, let’s meet her first and talk about it in detail.”

That’s Zhou Jing’s voice… From her words, it seems like Liang Doukou got into trouble and was caught by someone.

“I wonder where you managed to find such an assistant. Unexpectedly, she’s been so willing to secretly record video for us!”

That’s the voice of Liang Doukou… It’s her assistant who recorded a video… What kind of video are they talking about?

With curiosity in her eyes, Jiang Qianqian hid behind the wall of the room and strained her ears to overhear their talk more attentively.

“She’s just a female graduate who has good grades at university. No one knows what she’ll do, but I heard that her mother was sick. Probably, she’s in urgent need of money for medical expenses. As the saying goes: a cornered beast will do something desperate. As long as a problem can be settled by money, it’s not serious. A financial loss may prevent disaster.”

Zhou Jing’s tone was a little more soothing.

“Where has she asked us to meet?” Liang Doukou’s voice of sounded a little unpleasant, but she was also angry with Zhou Jing.

“It’s just downstairs in a Hong Kong-style restaurant… Oh, she sent me a text message. Let me have a look at it… Well, room 302, she’s coming soon…”

After Zhou Jing finished speaking, she and Liang Doukou walked past the door in front of Jiang Qianqian.

“Let’s go downstairs and wait for her there. Either way, we must get the video out of her hands and destroy it today. If she really does spread it, we’ll get into serious trouble…”

The footsteps of the two people gradually disappeared, so Jiang Qianqian couldn’t hear clearly what they continued to talk about. She only heard the vague sound of their dialogue.

After the entire corridor returned to silence, Jiang Qianqian reached out to close the door. Leaning against the wall, she repeatedly thought over the words she had just heard, then figured out the cause and effect of the event.

Liang Doukou’s little assistant urgently needed a large amount of money, because her mother was sick. In desperation, she had recorded a video of Liang Doukou, demanded a negotiation with Zhou Jing face to face, and asked her for money in exchange for the video.

From Liang Doukou’s anxious tone, she could figure out that the video had genuinely threatened Liang Doukou…

Last time they had seen each other, she had taken a close-knit photo of Liang Doukou with a man. She had wanted to punish her with Gu Yusheng’s help, but outside of her expectations, Gu Yusheng had ruined her reputation.

Recently, every time they met, she would always be at a disadvantage, which she couldn’t bear. As long as she thought of that, she would get indignant and resentful.

If I get the video, I can get her back for the grievances I have suffered.

The day before, she had thought about how to get back at her when she had seen Liang Doukou. Surprisingly, that day a God-given chance had presented itself.

Liang Doukou’s assistant hadn’t arrived yet. She had seen her several times, so she roughly remembered her appearance. She intended to bring out the video before the assistant entered the restaurant and met with Liang Doukou!

Thinking about it, Jiang Qianqian’s eyes brightened, and she quickly opened the door, ran out of the single room, and went to the front desk to settle the bill. Then she took the elevator to the Hong Kong-style restaurant downstairs.



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