Sunday, 14 June 2020



Season 4

Episode 9

(Returning In Advance (9)

Zhou Jing didn’t answer Liang Doukou immediately. Instead, she took her cell phone out of her pocket and punched in a number. The landline in the house started to ring. Zhou Jing walked over and picked it up. She put it on speaker and turned to look at Liang Doukou. “‘Tang Legacy’ is going to a photo shoot for an advertisement this afternoon. I’m going to pick up Qin Zhi’ai right now. You need to stay at my home. Don’t go anywhere or make any noises. Listen for the phone at all times. I’ll talk to you more when I come back in the evening.”

Liang Doukou frowned. She didn’t get why Zhou Jing had arranged the day for her like this. “I’m already back. Why do you still want my body double to pretend to be me? I can go take the photos. Why are you doing this to me—”

“I told you we could talk more in detail when I come back in the evening,” Zhou Jing interrupted Liang Doukou. Then she realized that she had sounded a little harsh. She talked to Liang Doukou a few seconds later in a nicer tone. “Xiaokou, I have helped you for the past few years to reach the place you are now. My fate is intertwined with yours. You have to believe me that everything I’m doing is for your benefit. Be patient, okay?”

Liang Doukou watched Zhou Jing for a while and nodded. “Okay, I’ll wait for you here.”

Zhou Jing gave her a weak smile, then reached her hand out and patted Liang Doukou’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m here to help you. You will still be Mrs. Gu.”

Liang Doukou curled her lips and replied to Zhou Jing with a smile. She said with sincerity, “I trust you.”

Liang Doukou did trust Zhou Jing. She trusted Zhou Jing more than anyone else in this world. It was because Zhou Jing had made her a top celebrity.

It was also because Zhou Jing had helped her win Gu Yusheng’s grandpa over and had finally made marrying Gu Yusheng a possibility.

When Qin Zhi’ai and Zhou Jing arrived at the costume department, most of the crew had finished their makeup and had already started shooting their photos.

The TV show was a costume drama. Qin Zhi’ai needed complicated makeup that was time consuming to get done.

Zhou Jing was patient at the beginning. She simply read magazines on the sofa. After about half an hour, she stood up and walked to the mirror. She watched the makeup artist and Qin Zhi’ai for a while, then said, “I’m going to check out the film studio.” After seeing Qin Zhi’ai nod, she grabbed her purse and walked out of the dressing room.

When Zhou Jing made it to the filming studio, the main actress in “Tang Legacy” was in a bright costume with full makeup on. Her name was Lin Yi. She stood in front of the green background and discussed her poses with the photographer.

After about two minutes, she had shot over two hundred photos. The director had decided a few of her photos were nice enough and raised his hand to signal that Lin Yi was done. Lin Yi immediately relaxed her professional drama face and went back to normal. She lifted the complicated costume dress off the floor and walked to her agent.

Zhou Jing’s wandering eyes stared at Lin Yi as she left. She walked to the young assistant that she had hired for Liang Doukou last year. She whispered to the young assistant. The young assistant nodded as she also moved her eyes from the photo shoot to Lin Yi.

After a few minutes, Lin Yi and her agent left the studio together. The young assistant secretly followed after them.



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