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Season 4

Episode 7

(Returning In Advance (7)

Zhou Jing had been watching Gu Yusheng and Lu Bacheng in secret. Of course, the man on the right that the employee had referred to was Gu Yusheng. Zhou Jing didn’t interrupt her. Instead, she had listened attentively to what she had to say.

“The guy who came later took a seat across from him. I think they were friends. The man on the right passed both the design and the diamond to his friend. I wasn’t around while they talked, so I don’t know what they talked about afterwards. I only overheard a few things. I heard ‘do you plan on proposing to Xiaokou?’ And also something about the United Kingdom, and ‘hurry up and reserve an engagement ring.’ The man on the right side was very handsome. I managed to catch the last thing he said in the conversation.”

The employee tilted her head to one side and was lost in thought for a while before she continued, “While I never wanted to be involved in relationships or marriage before, I still wasn’t a player. Now that I want these things, I won’t play around at all.”

Reading between the lines, this meant he was serious about his relationship with Qin Zhi’ai’s version of Liang Doukou.

No, not only was he serious about it, he also planned on proposing to her and spending the rest of his life with her.

He was going to get an engagement ring custom made from the United Kingdom. Gu Yusheng had the influence and money to do so. If it was expedited, the ring could be there in two days. Xiaokou wouldn’t be back until three days later. Adding the thirteen hours on the flight, she wouldn’t arrive back in Beijing for four days.

If Gu Yusheng proposed to Qin Zhi’ai before Xiaokou came back…

The more Zhou Jing thought about it, the more scared she felt. She said “thank you” to the employee and hastily walked out of the jewelry store with her purse. She ran to the parking lot and drove away, then parked in a quiet alley with only a few people around. She took out her cell phone, searched for Liang Doukou’s oversea cell phone number, and dialed the number.

Because of the time difference, Liang Doukou didn’t pick up the call until Zhou Jing had called four times. Liang Doukou sounded half awake and a little crabby when she finally picked up the phone. “Miss Zhou, what’s wrong? What was so urgent that you had to call so early? Couldn’t you have waited until I woke up?”

Before Liang Doukou could finish complaining, Zhou Jing interrupted, “Xiaokou, you need to be discharged from the hospital today. I’ll book you the earliest flight back. You need to come back immediately.”

Liang Doukou could tell that Zhou Jing was worried and stressed. She had no time to be crabby from being woken up. She immediately asked a few questions, “What happened? Did someone find out about my body double? How did they find out?”

“No one found out that you have a body double…”

Liang Doukou breathed out a sigh of relief when she heard this news. She became unhappy again. “if no one found out about it, what are you so stressed about? I have an appointment to be discharged the day after tomorrow. I need to get a haircut and buy some nice clothes before I go back. I also need to buy some gifts for my grandfather.”

“Xiaokou!” Zhou Jing suddenly sounded harsh. “If you do not come back immediately, you will not be Ms. Gu any longer.”

On the phone, Liang Doukou suddenly grew quiet.

Zhou Jing put emphasis on each word as she held her phone tight. “Gu Yusheng picked an engagement ring and is ready to propose to Qin Zhi’ai’s version of you.”



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