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Season 4

Episode 6

(Returning In Advance (6)

After Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng both entered the elevator, Zhou Jing came out from behind the pillar.

Zhou Wei had happened to see Gu Yusheng’s car on the overpass.

He had been behind her in the left lane, and through the rearview mirror, she could clearly see him in the driver’s seat.

Along the way, he had appeared to be chatting with someone. Occasionally, he picked up his phone to take a look. When he couldn’t move his car forward because of traffic, he held the phone and touched the screen.

It was unclear who he was talking to or what they were talking about. Sometimes, before he typed, he would stare at the screen with a soft smile.

That kind of smile came from the bottom of his eyes, with a bit of indulgence and a bit of joy, which made him look less cold and noble than he usually did. She hadn’t seen him smile like that in the many years she had known Gu Yusheng and watched him with Xiaokou.

Who could bring about such a big change?

With that doubt, the first person who flashed in Zhou Wei’s brain was Qin Zhi’ai, who was now playing the role of Liang Doukou. She had made Gu Yusheng chat with her when they had met in the Russian restaurant because she was Liang Doukou’s friend. As the old saying went, “If you love me, you love my friends.” Therefore, she could definitely make Gu Yusheng show his tender feelings.

In only a few days, Xiaokou will come back. There can’t be any problems in the last few days…

As Zhou Jing thought this over, she saw Gu Yusheng tilt his head, looking at the shopping mall on the side of the road. After staring at the advertisement on the big screen for a moment, he drive to the right side of the road.

Does he want to leave this road?

Without hesitating for a moment, Zhou Jing also drove her car to the right, following Gu Yusheng into the underground parking lot of the mall.

She had an appointment with her friend to have dinner that evening. After seeing Gu Yusheng enter a diamond shop with luxurious decorations, she immediately made a phone call to her friend and told her that she had something urgent to deal with, so she couldn’t have dinner with her that night.

After she hung up, Lu Bancheng arrived there, too. Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng sat in the VIP seats beside the windows for a long time before they left.

Actually, Zhou Jing already had a vague guess as to what Gu Yusheng was doing there. Standing by the pillars and staring at the diamond ring showcases for some time, she suddenly decided to walk over to the shop to confirm her guess.

The employee standing at the door happened to be the one who had just welcomed Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng.

She followed Zhou Jing and politely and professionally introduced her to the showcases that Zhou Jing’s eyes had strayed to.

When she stepped into the corner of the shop where no one was, Zhou Jing moved her eyes from the various diamonds to the employee’s face. Instead of speaking first, she opened her wallet and took out a pile of money without counting it, then she quickly and quietly stuffed the money into the employee’s hand and said, “Do you remember the two men you just served who sat in the seats by the windows? What did they do? And what did they talk about?”

The waiter lowered her head and looked at the money in her hand. After hesitating for a while, she pretended she was introducing products to Zhou Jing, then approached Zhou Jing’s ears and said all of what she had just seen and heard. “The man sitting on the right bought a pink diamond, which is the best diamond our brand offers this year, and it’s also unique. He just sat there holding a pen and drew a design of a diamond ring.


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