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Season 4

Episode 46

(Gu Yusheng, I’m Qin Zhi’ai (6)

After Jiang Qianqian took the flash drive, she didn’t even say anything to the assistant, just opened the door, walked out of the emergency exit in high heels, and took the elevator back to the beauty salon upstairs.

Because she was a VIP customer, Jiang Qianqian was familiar with the layout there. She went directly to the lounge of the beauty salon, chose a computer, turned it on, plugged in the USB flash drive, and imported the video to her mobile phone. After that, she put on headphones and began watching the video.

The video wasn’t short, about seven or eight minutes. When Jiang Qianqian saw half of it, her eyes glinted with excitement. After seeing the whole video, she was so excited that she sprang from her seat to her feet.

The waiter standing not far away couldn’t help walking up to her. With respect, she asked, “Miss Jiang, may I ask if you need any help?”

“No.” Jiang Qianqian unplugged the headphones and gave the waiter a bright smile. As she packed up, she dialed her older brother’s phone number.

The phone was quickly connected, “Brother, my car isn’t available right now. I’m at JM now. Are you going home at noon and passing by here? Remember to pick me up.”

She didn’t have Gu Yusheng’s WeChat, but her brother had it. She wanted to immediately send the video to Gu Yusheng… She was eager to see Gu Yusheng’s response. He had protected Liang Doukou in such a careful way. If he saw the video, would he feel embarrassed?

Just thinking about it, Jiang Qianqian couldn’t help raising the corners of her mouth.

Gu Yusheng is the type of man who cares about reputation. If he knew that Liang Doukou treated him like that… Jiang Qianqian gently laughed.

The waiter who just came over to talk to her said, “Miss Jiang, you seem to be in a good mood.”

“Yes, it’s pretty good.” Jiang Qianqian generously acknowledged. It was the first time that she didn’t put on airs. She waved her hand to gesture goodbye to the waiter and left, singing.

When Qin Zhi’ai woke up, it was ten o’clock in the morning. Gu Yusheng had already left for the company.

It was also the day off for the housekeeper. She ate something simple. When she had just gotten ready to find an activity for herself, she received a text message from Gu Yusheng. “Are you free tonight? How about going out for a meal together.”

Going out for a meal? This evening, the housekeeper won’t be here. I’ve never cooked for him by myself… Thinking it over for a moment, Qin Zhi’ai replied, “Would you like to eat at home? The housekeeper is resting today. I’ll cook for you.”

Soon, she received the reply message from Gu Yusheng. “Okay.”

Qin Zhi’ai replied, “Great.” Then she began to think about how to prepare the dinner. After searching through a list of recipes in her head, she went to the refrigerator to see what was in it. She wrote down the ingredients that needed to be bought on her cell phone and went upstairs to change clothes. After that, she took her wallet and car keys and went to the underground supermarket in the JM Mall, which wasn’t far from Gu Yusheng’s villa.

While Jiang Qianqian was waiting for her brother, she felt a little thirsty, so she went to the underground supermarket of the JM Mall to buy a bottle of mineral water. When she checked out, she met Liang Doukou.

Huh? Isn’t she eating upstairs? How did she change clothes and go shopping in the supermarket in such a short time?

Despite her doubts, thinking of the video in her possession, Jiang Qianqian didn’t have any intention to badger Liang Doukou. In a pleasant mood, she returned to the first floor door of the mall.

After waiting for about five minutes, she heard a whistle from the roadside. Seeing the familiar car of her eldest brother, Jiang Qianqian hurriedly ran over. She got in the car and buckled her seatbelt. “Okay, let’s go.” When she had just finished saying this to her brother, she saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye.


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