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Season 4

Episode 43

(Gu Yusheng, I’m Qin Zhi’ai (3)

The waitress reached her hand into the cash register and then immediately pulled it back. She felt awkward and wiped her hands on her clothes before she responded, “Yes, sir.”

Gu Yusheng didn’t say anything after a minute had passed. He merely lifted his chin a bit and pulled the door open before he walked out of the convenient store.

After he walked back to the car, Gu Yusheng didn’t immediately get into his car. Instead, he leaned on the hood and searched for a cigarette, then lit it up. He remembered what little troublemaker had told him that night as he had been about to put a lit cigarette in his mouth. “Smoking isn’t good for you. You should smoke less, even when you’re in a bad mood. It would be even better if you could quit smoking.”

Gu Yusheng stopped in the middle of putting the cigarette in his mouth. The cigarette butt had only touched his lower lips for a few seconds before he lowered the hand holding the cigarette.

The reason he had stopped his car there on the way home had been to take her to play this game. Besides having a romantic moment with her and making her happy, he had wanted to know why she wasn’t happy.

He didn’t think she would refuse to show why she wasn’t happy.

The wind was still gusty. Gu Yusheng stood there until the cigarette had almost burned to the filter, and the last bit of heat gave him a slight burning pain. He stubbed it out and tossed it into the trash bin next to him, then he got back in the car and drove home.

Qin Zhi’ai was sound asleep, just like she had been before he left.

Gu Yusheng quietly crawled into the bed and laid next to her. He listened to her breathing as he stared at the ceiling for a while before he slowly closed his eyes.

Before he had fallen for anyone, he had never imagined he would care about someone’s feelings so much.

After he fell for Qin Zhi’ai, he realized he would feel happy just by knowing she was happy and become sad by knowing that she was sad.

He felt bad for not knowing why she was sad. He was also disappointed that she wouldn’t tell him the cause of her sadness.

He still hoped that the ring he had given her that night could make her forget anything that bothered her. He also hoped that she could rely on him and share both her happiness and sorrow.

That day, Jiang Qianqian had an appointment at the spa.

The spa was located on the ninth floor of the mall. There was a dim-sum restaurant below it.

Aromatic incense sticks were lit in the spa room and the appropriate strength was applied in the massage. Jiang Qianqian relaxed and fell asleep in a very short time even though she had woken up not long before.

When she woke up, the massage was done. The masseuse brought a blanket over and draped it over her. Upon seeing her crack her eyes open, the masseuse smiled at her and said quietly, “You can rest some more. I put some tea over there. You should drink it before it gets cold.”

Jiang Qianqian weakly responded with an okay and signaled for the masseuse to leave the room.

She closed her eyes to rest for a while before she finally sat up. She picked up the cup and had a few sips before she went to take a shower in a private stall. After she put on her clothes, walked out, and was ready to pay at the front desk, she ran into Zhou Jing and Liang Doukou, who was wearing sunglasses. They had just happened to walk out on Jiang Qianqian’s right side.

Both Zhou Jing and Liang Doukou looked a little anxious. They were talking about something and didn’t notice her.

Old habits caused Jiang Qianqian to pay a little more attention when it came to Liang Doukou. She went back into her private massage room and cracked the door open to secretly watch Zhou Jing and Liang Doukou.



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