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Season 4

Episode 38

(The End (8)

“Haha…” Liang Doukou was still immersed in her thoughts. After a while, she suddenly giggled and laughed out loud. At the end, her tone suddenly became a bit calm and cold. “Zhou Jing, I agree to record a video of them following your methods!”

Although Zhou Jing was full of doubt about Liang Doukou’s strange behavior, when she heard her last sentence, she couldn’t hide the bright light flashing in her eyes. “Have you decided?”

Liang Doukou looked directly at the scattered lights outside the window, as if she had made up her mind not to repent. Not saying anything, she resolutely nodded with determination.

Xiaokou has agreed, which means that my plan is going to be fulfilled…

Zhou Jing’s heart was suddenly filled with joy, and the sound of her voice revealed her excitement. “Let’s record the video today.”

Liang Doukou turned to look at Zhou Jing, wondering a little why she was so anxious.

When Zhou Jing met Liang Doukou’s eyes, she realized that she had revealed too much of her mood. She quickly hid her emotions and said, “The video should be recorded before Gu Yusheng proposes to the poor girl, so it would be better to record it as soon as possible. Otherwise, once Gu Yusheng confesses his love before we act, we’ll have a bucket of water poured on us in vain.”

“Okay.” Liang Doukou agreed with her, then seemed to think of something troublesome. She asked, “But, how can we give the video we take to Gu Yusheng?”

“Are you stupid? Of course, through the person you hate the most…” Zhou Jing said.

Without any hesitation, Liang Doukou blurted out two words. “Jiang Qianqian?”

Later, Zhou Jing gently nodded two times and continued to say, “Indeed, she’s the most suitable person, because she can’t wait to see me embarrassed!”

Because she had just recovered from a serious illness, and she had followed Qin Zhi’ai and Gu Yusheng in the middle of the night, Liangdou, who had made her decision, felt like the strength of her whole body had been drained. She was extremely exhausted. She didn’t wait for Zhou Jing’s words, but pointed directly at Zhou Jing’s room, saying, “I’m tired, I’ll go take a rest first.”

After saying this, she turned around and walked to the living room.

Before she had walked more than a couple feet away, Zhou Jing, who was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, suddenly shouted her name. “Xiaokou!”

Liang Doukou stopped, but didn’t look back.

Looking through the glass in front of her, Zhou Jing stared atLiang Doukou’s reflected back in it for a while before she slowly turned around and said to her, “Xiaokou, although my decision is cruel this time, you have to believe me. My endgame is definitely beneficial for you.”

Liang Doukou turned her head and gave Zhou Jing a friendly smile. “I see.”

Seeing her smiling like that, Zhou Jing suddenly felt relieved. She knew that Liang Dou had no issue with her. She gave her a smile and said softly, “Good night.”

“Good night.”

Liang Doukou went into the room and closed the door. She pressed herself against the door panel and slowly squatted on the floor, burying her face in her lap, then uncontrollably burst into silent crying.

From a very young age, she had liked to follow her grandfather to play with the Gu family, because she had wanted to badger Gu Yusheng.

However, Gu Yusheng had hated her too much. He had either climbed up a tree and ignored her or locked himself in his bedroom and slept.

In her impression, he didn’t seem to know who Liang Doukou was. Not seemingly, but truly… because after she had known him for nine years, once in the Gu mansion, she had accidentally found his cell phone. When he had asked her to move away from it, he had said, “Classmate, excuse me.”


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