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Season 4

Episode 35

(The End (5)

Gu Yusheng, did you know that I knew the end of our story when I came into your life eight years after we met? I tried my best to be Liang Doukou’s body double.

It was because I was in love with you.

You’ll never know that I was so desperately in love with you.

The music suddenly stopped, and the world fell back into complete silence.

Qin Zhi’ai stood in front of the fountain and didn’t move while Gu Yusheng sat on the bench and didn’t stand up.

There were about fifteen feet between them. They just quietly looked at each other.

Without knowing how much time had passed, a gust of wind blew over. Qin Zhi’ai’s dress flapped in the wind. Gu Yusheng recovered his composure and applauded her as he slowly stood up from the bench.

The two of them seemed to know what was on the other’s mind. When Gu Yusheng walked in strides towards Qin Zhi’ai, Qin Zhi’ai had managed to calm herself down and was also walking towards Gu Yusheng.

As they got so close that they seemed to be able to see each other’s reflections in their eyes, they stopped.

Qin Zhi’ai had her head down with smiling eyes. She had a beautiful smile on her face. “Did it sound nice?”

“Yes,” Gu Yusheng responded as he gazed into Qin Zhi’ai’s eyes.

“Did you like it?” Qin Zhi’ai wore a bigger smile, but the air around them became a bit stranger.

Gu Yusheng felt like his throat was tight. It took him a while to calm down and say, “Yes.”

“How much—” Qin Zhi’ai had intended to ask him how much he liked it, but she had only said two words before she felt her throat tighten, unable to make any sound.

Gu Yusheng grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his arms.

Her body trembled. She reached her arms out and held his neck from behind. She looked up and pressed her lips onto his.

The wind started to blow.

Loud gales blew past them.

The empty water bottles that had been thrown on the plaza blew everywhere and made loud noises.

The couple didn’t seem to notice anything. They hugged tighter and kissed deeper.

They unwillingly broke apart when the oxygen in their chests was exhausted.

He still held her by the waist, while she had her hands on his neck.

His lips were against hers. He was still out of breath, “Little troublemaker, I…”

Before he completed his sentence, he suddenly stopped. He paused for a few seconds and changed what he planned to say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you couldn’t eat mangos.”

“I didn’t get the chance to know you before, but we have a lot of time ahead of us.” Qin Zhi’ai tiptoed and pressed her lips to his before Gu Yusheng could finish what he wanted to say.

There was no time ahead of them.

They didn’t have much time left. The only thing that was waiting for them was being apart.

Qin Zhi’ai had never initiated any kiss like this before. His body trembled slightly. He reached his hands out and pressed her head closer to his.

He kissed her harder and deeper.

Little troublemaker, did you know I almost told you what I’ve had planned for a long time for tonight’s speech by accident?

I almost told you I love you.

Isn’t love a miracle?

I used to want to send you as far away as I could. At this moment, I want to keep you by my side as long as I can. I wish we could spend the rest of our lives together.

How strongly I used to refuse for love, marriage, and family is exactly how strongly I long for it now and can’t wait to embrace it.

Little troublemaker, I didn’t realize people who want to remain single are just people who haven’t met the one until this moment.



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