Tuesday, 9 June 2020


I Adore HIM

Season 3

Episode 99

(Have You Been Taking This Medicine? (9)

In addition, she was not the real Liang Doukou and would not be able to carry a child for him.

Didn’t he want her to take the birth control pills?

As Qin Zhi’ai explained, the anger kept building up in Gu Yusheng. “How could you…”

He wanted to say, “How do you know I don’t want kids?”

However, he only said the first three words and then paused, because he knew what she would say next.

He had asked the housekeeper to buy Plan-B for her the day after they had first had sex. He had also asked the housekeeper to watch her take it just to be safe.

He admitted that he hadn’t wanted anything to do with her back then. He had thought he was stupid enough for even trying to have sex with her. He definitely hadn’t considered the possibility of having a kid with her back then.

He had never thought that what he had said back then caused her to start taking birth control pills until that moment.

He shouldn’t have been the one getting mad, should he?

He had done it to her, so he had to accept the consequences. No matter how terrible the consequences were, he had to suck it up.

The rage he had felt a second ago was submerged by regret.

He hadn’t taken any pills, but he felt like a pill was stuck in his throat. It was a bitter feeling for him.

He watched her for a while before he could make any sound. “You…”

He didn’t realize how coarse his throat had become until he spoke. He tried to swallow his saliva harder to moisten his throat and complete the question he wanted to ask. “Threw up. Was it because of the side effects of this medicine?”

He had read all the possible side effects of the medicine in small print when he had looked at the bottle before. The side effects included nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

It could have been because she had been taking the birth control pills for a long time. At the beginning, she had only felt nauseous, but had never thrown up like this.

As time went on and she had sex with him more often, she’d had to take the pills every day. The side effects had seemed to catch up with her.

She not only felt nauseous, but also had stomach pain sometimes.

However, Qin Zhi’ai didn’t tell Gu Yusheng this. She only looked down and responded to him with an “oh” after his questions.

The simple answer, “oh,” was like a sharp knife stabbing into Gu Yusheng’s chest. Gu Yusheng felt the throbbing pain in his heart.

It seemed that the sharp pain had made him lose his language abilities. He looked at her but didn’t know how to talk to her. He opened the pill bottle and poured all the pills into the toilet. He pressed the handle hard to flush them down and threw the empty bottle aggressively into the trash bin.

He looked angry as he did it, like he was mad at something. Right, he was mad, mad at himself.

After the pills swirled in the toilet and rushed down, Gu Yusheng held Qin Zhi’ai’s hand and led her to walk out of the bathroom.

He carried her directly to the bed. Although the door wasn’t closed, they heard someone knocking on it. Then Xiaowang asked, “Master Gu, there are only ten minutes left before the meeting starts. We need leave now if we want to make it.”

Gu Yusheng looked like he hadn’t heard anything Xiaowang had said. He pulled the blanket up and tucked Qin Zhi’ai in before he stood up and walked down the stairs. Soon, he walked back into the room with a glass of warm water.



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