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Season 3

Episode 92

(Have You Been Taking This Medicine? (2)

She had thought that she could get along well with him before she left and make some good memories.

But, that’s all right… If he treated me as well as he had a few days ago, wouldn’t I feel even more heartbroken when I leave?

Qin Zhi’ai lowered her eyes and put the handset back on the office phone. Watching the TV, her mind kept drifting away.

At twelve o’clock at night, Qin Zhi’ai felt hungry. Like she had at noon, she made something simple that filled her stomach.

After she went upstairs and took a shower, Qin Zhi’ai recalled that Gu Yusheng had said that he wouldn’t be back that night. The housekeeper wasn’t at home, either. Therefore, instead of putting on makeup, she simply applied a mask on her face, then directly drew the curtains, turned off the lights, and went to the bed.

Gu Yusheng’s mood those days had become worse and worse, which Xiaowang had seen clearly.

Compared to his attitude toward the clients, his behavior at the company was much better.

Two days before, he had an appointment with an investor to meet at the teahouse. Because the investor was late by half a minute due to a traffic jam, when the investor arrived, Gu Yusheng directly tore the contract into pieces and threw them at him. Giving him no room for negotiation, he turned right around and left the place with Xiaowang.

What was more, one morning when he went out, the traffic in the Imperial City was particularly heavy. The person who was driving in front of him had slammed on the brakes, causing him to brake, too. As a result, his car had crashed into that car. In fact, the situation hadn’t been serious at all, but the owner of the car had requested compensation, the price of which was unreasonable. Gu Yusheng, who at first sat in the back seat and didn’t care about this matter, suddenly got out of the car somehow. He opened the door of the driver’s seat, sat in it, and backed up the car a little. Then, without any hesitation, he floored the accelerator, and crashed into the car, which still looked ordinary, making the trunk crumple.

He thought that after hitting the other’s car, Gu Yusheng’s temper would be better at the company. Beyond Xiaowang’s expectation, it had grown worse, as if he just ate fire. He was dissatisfied with everyone and criticized anyone he saw.

In the morning, the atmosphere of the whole company was as depressing as it could have been. Everyone avoided him as much as possible the whole day.

However, compared to the social engagement that Gu Yusheng had pretended to attend a few days ago, he actually had an important one that night. The location was also quite awkward. Superficially, it was a regular KTV, but it was actually a nightclub. There were hundreds of beautiful prostitutes working there. There were also young and strong pimps.

When he called home, Gu Yusheng had really intended not to go back home.

At first, he had said it tentatively. Later, he was disheartened by the realization that that there was no place for him in her heart. Finally, he had lost control of his temper the day before… He clearly knew that if he went home, the relationship between them would get worse.

In fact, he didn’t like those kinds of nightclubs. In the past, he couldn’t refuse. He just went and after a while, he found an excuse to leave.

But that night, he had stayed there until one o’clock in the morning. After almost everyone in the house had taken a young and beautiful girl to a room upstairs, he left KTV.

After getting in the car, when Xiao Wang asked him where he was going, he wanted to say, “Go to the company.” Somehow, when he had just started to say these words, he changed them into, “Go home.”


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