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Season 3

Episode 100

(Have You Been Taking This Medicine (10)

“Mr. Gu…” When Gu Yusheng passed him by, Xiaowang wanted to remind Gu Yusheng again. However, when he had just spoken two words, Gu Yusheng’s cold eyes shot at him, frightening him to close his mouth and turn around. Facing the wall, Xiaowang stood still.

Gu Yusheng sat on the edge of the bed and handed the warm water to Qin Zhi’ai. “Drink some warm water, and your stomach should feel better.”

“Thank you.” Qin Zhi’ai took the glass and drank nearly half of it in one gulp. Then she saw Gu Yusheng sitting on the edge of the bed, still having no intentions to leave. Thinking of Xiaowang’s urging, she held the glass and said, “I’m fine. I’ll feel better after a while. Don’t you have a meeting later? Go ahead.”

Gu Yusheng responded, “Okay.” Staring at Qin Zhi’ai, he still hadn’t gotten up yet.

Being stared at by Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi’ai felt a little bit embarrassed, so she lowered her eyes to look at the glass in her hand. After a while, she urged him again, “I’m really fine. You can go to work…”

Gu Yusheng suddenly reached out and snatched away the glass in her palm to place it on the bedside table. Then she grabbed her hand and gently rubbed it in his palm. Finally, he rubbed her fingers with his fingertips and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t take the medicine anymore.”

“But what if I get pregnant?”

“If you get pregnant, then…” Without almost any hesitation, Gu Yusheng answered her question but stopped halfway through the statement.

If you get pregnant, then we’ll have a child… He was surprised that he wanted to say these words to her.

He knew clearly that he liked her very much… And actually he liked her much more than he had expected.

He was a man who hadn’t wanted to get married all his life. In his mind, the most bothersome thing was to get married and have children, but at that moment, he found that he actually had the impulse to have a child with her in his lifetime.

What should I do? It seems that my affection towards her is not just simply liking or even liking her very much.

Soon, Gu Yusheng pulled himself back to reality and squeezed her soft little hand gently. He said again, “In short, you shouldn’t take that medicine.”

After a pause, Gu Yusheng asked, “Aside from the bottle of medicine that I threw away, is there any more at home?”

“No,” Qin Zhi’ai shook her head.

“Really?” Gu Yusheng was afraid that she had hidden the medicine. After asking the question, he released her hand and went around the bedroom, rummaging through the room to look for the medicine. Finally, he even lifted the carpet to look for it.

Sitting in the bed, Qin Zhi’ai was somewhat speechless. The carpet was so flat that with only a look, one could see there was nothing under it. Why did he have to lift it to check?

Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t help whispering, “I really have no more medicine. I only bought one bottle.”

Gu Yusheng exclaimed “oh” to show his understanding, but still bent over, repeatedly checking places under the carpet and under the bed. After he confirmed that there was no medicine, he stood up and sat back on the bed.

Qin Zhi’ai looked at Xiaowang, who was standing in the corridor. He was clearly very worried, but didn’t dare to urge Gu Yusheng again. Finally, she couldn’t bear to see the worried Xiaowang, so she said for the third time, “Just go to work.”

“Okay, don’t worry.”

Not caring about what she said, Gu Yusheng replied to her with three careless words. Then he stayed at the bedside without worry and panic. He stayed there until the housekeeper came. After asking the housekeeper to prepare some light food at noon, he left for the company.

After the meeting, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon. Gu Yusheng felt worried about Qin Zhi’ai, so after returning to the office, his first thought was to call home.


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