Tuesday, 30 June 2020



(She's a crazy stripper)

🖤Episode 27🖤

Khristine's POV

Two Weeks Later
‘So you never planned on falling in love??'..The interviewer asked and I nodded..

‘Yeah I never planned on falling in love,like he was Jeremy Lawson right??,the greatest actor of all time but to me he was just a regular guy,there was nothing so special about him and when ladies went crazy for him I literally want to throw up'..I replied..

We both laughed and she continued tapping on her phone...

Well it's been two weeks and I've been super busy giving interviews about Jeremy and I love life..

Jeremy decided to make a movie about it but he didn't star in it..

He was the producer and the director and we named the movie HOLLYWOOD WIFE...

We didn't even know that it would become the greatest block buster of all time!??..

‘So are you and Jeremy Lawson planning on having any kids??'..the interviewer asked..

‘Hmmmm I don't know,I mean I would love to have a kid of my own b......

‘But no we aren't having any kids'..Jeremy said cutting in..

Wait he doesn't want kids?!!!..

That's stupid!?!..

‘Uhhh could you excuse us for a minute??,I think the interview needs a break'..i muttered...

‘Ohh there's no problem i was just wrapping up anyway'..She replied and left with her camera crew...

I turned to Jeremy immediately with my eyes boiling in anger and he smirked..

‘What did I say something wrong??'..he asked..

‘Yeah of course you said something wrong and i hope it's a joke,you don't want to have kids???'..i replied..

‘Yeah I don't to have kids is that a problem for you??,I thought we are enough for each other?!'..he said...

‘Seriously Mr J?!!!,are you freaking kidding me right now?!!,okay now give me four good reasons why you don't want kids!!'..I screamed..

‘Well for starters they are puny and tiny and they're a lot of work,judging from my career I won't be able to be with them 24-7,think about this Khris we're too busy to have kids'..he implied and I scoffed walking away...

He's too busy to have kids..


Jeremy's POV
What the hell just happened?!!..

Like she just freaked out just because I said I don't want kids?!!!...

Seriously I don't even get...

Why did she just freak out like that?!!..

‘Khris??'..i called as I knocked on our bedroom door only to hear her crying...

‘Ohhh God Khris please open the door,if I said something stupid then I'm sorry'..i begged and she sniffed..

‘Leave me alone Mr J,you don't want kids so all the mad sex we've been having was all for nothing?!!'..she said and I laughed..

‘Look babe I'm sorry but don't you think having kids is a little bit too early,its only a year that we've been married?!!'..i said..

‘Yeah?!,it's only a year but you told the interviewer that you don't want to have kids with me?!!!'..she cried out...

Oh God..

Women and their problems..

‘Okay baby we'll have kids just open the door'..i finally said and she squealed..


‘Yes really??'..

‘Pinky swear??'..

‘Are you freaking...okay fine pinky swear just open the door!!!'...



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