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(She's a crazy stripper)

🖤Episode 24🖤

Khristine's POV

‘Mr J!!!'..I screamed in tears as I crouched down to Jeremy's bleeding head..

Oh God what have I done?!!..

I've been so busy getting angry that i didn't think before breaking a bottle on his head...

Me and my anger issues..

‘Mr J please chill okay I'm gonna help you get healed'..i cried out..

I rushed to the phone and then called the hotel manager..

📱:Hello??...Yeah this is Khristine..Yeah Jeremy's wife...well a champagne bottle landed on his head and he's unconscious...yeah please call the ambulance thank you....'...

Jeremy's POV
An Hour Later
I opened my eyes to see whitewashed walls and hospital gadgets everywhere...

Ohh I'm in the hospital??..

‘How did I get here??'..i murmured and touched my head only to feel a bandage being wrapped around it...

No wonder my head hurts so bad..

‘Uhhh Mr J??'..Khris said as she walked inside and from the looks of it it seems like she's been crying for a very long time..

She's crying for me??..

Hmm I didn't see that coming..

‘What do you want Khris??,aren't you happy enough that I'm bandaged like a beanbag?!!'..i tried screaming but my voice turned out to be hoarse...

‘Look I'm sorry Mr J,i didn't know that i would hurt you in this manner I'm deeply sorry Mr J,you could punish me or do whatever you want with me but i just want to say that I'm terribly sorry,look you can even take some part of your money..the truth is that i really like you more than you can ever imagine i like you a....

’Wait you said what??'..i interrupted..

‘I...just f..forget what I said'..she replied in a stutter and I smiled..

Funny enough she looks beautiful as she's in tears...

‘You talk too much Khristine and the truth is that I like you too,don't you find it so strange?!!'..i said and she came closer cleaning her tears..

‘It's not strange Mr J,i think it's fate'..

‘Oh shut up and come here!!!'..i said and pulled her closely hugging her..

What the hell is happening?!!!...




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