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(She's a crazy stripper)

🖤Episode 23🖤

Khristine's POV

‘Are you being serious Jeremy?!!'..i screamed angrily..

‘Oh so it's no longer Mr J now it's Jeremy?!!'..he fired back as we walked into the room..

‘Look Jeremy or Mr J i don't care the fact is that I'm not your wife got that?!!,I'm not your wife so you should let me dance with other guys as i please and besides it's a freaking club so guys would want you to dance with them what are you expecting?!!!'...i screamed angrily and he laughed..

‘Ohh look Khris I'm tired okay,I'm sorry for over reacting so can we go to bed please let's just sleep and forget what happened earlier okay,if we're going to live in this shit hole called a marriage the least we could do is to be friends'..he said and this time it was my turn to laugh...

‘Okay i want to go shower'.i managed to say and walked towards the bathroom..

He had that sheepish look which kind of looks suspicious...

What is he up to??..

Jeremy's POV
So she thinks she could misbehave and I'll just let her go without punishing her??..

There's no way I'm letting that happen..

‘AIIU turn the shower on'..i said to the secret virtual reality hotel helper that she doesn't know about and then...

‘Mr J!!!!!'..i heard her scream and muffled  a laugh..

‘AIIU make the water hot'..i said again and she screamed..

‘Mr J i don't know what you're doing but please stop it!!!!'....

‘But I'm not doing anything Khris in fact I'm reading my script!!!'...i lied..

‘AIIU make the water freezing cold'..

‘Mr J it's not funny anymore!!!'..she cried out and then I knew that she wasn't joking..

‘AIIU just stop'..i finally said..

A moment later she came out with a robe wrapped around her and her hair..

Her hair was dripping wet and damn she's beautiful..

Her eyes were blazing red and she gritted her teeth angrily..

‘K..Khris?!!'..i stuttered moving backwards as she carried a champagne bottle..

‘Mr J how should i kill you??'..she asked gripping the bottle..

‘Khris what are you trying to do??"..

‘I'm trying to kill you Mr J!!'..she cried out and then next thing I knew..

The bottle landed on my head and everything began spinning...


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