Saturday, 27 June 2020



(She's a crazy stripper)

๐Ÿ–คEpisode 22๐Ÿ–ค

Jeremy's POV cont'd

‘I'm so gonna kill you Khris!!!!'..i screamed and she ran off..

I ran after her as smiled as she squealed in horror and delight..

After a minute of two and jumped on her and we both landed inside the pool...

‘Mr J stop it!!!!'..She screamed as i pushed her head deeper into the water..

‘beg me!!'..i threatened and she laughed coming bringing her hair out and splashing it on my face...

Gosh she looks so beautiful..

‘Why are you staring at me like that??'..she asked and I smiled..

‘Nothing go change'...

Ten minutes later
After a while of laughing and being wet i changed into my simple jogging clothes and before i could drive off to the set Marie texted me...

๐Ÿ’ฌ:First shoot has been postponed,tomorrow at 12noon...

Oh God..

This means that I have to spend a whole twelve hours with Khris?!!!..

I hate my life..

‘Khris!?!'..i called from the terrace..

‘Yeah??'..she replied walking over to my side wearing a leopard printed dress...

‘Go change let's go clubbing'..i said..

‘Clubbing??,you know the club is the last place to be in for a stripper like me'..she replied with a frown and i sighed...

‘Look wifey there's no need for panic the clubs in Spain are totally different from the ones in America and besides they don't have strippers that's as sexy as you'..i blurted aloud and then regretted it later as i saw the expression on her face...

‘So you think I'm sexy??'..she asked and I gulped hard..

‘Yeah,yeah you're sexy now go change and let's go have fun before I change my mind'...

Khristine's POV
๐ŸŽผI woke chris Breezy...

๐ŸŽผOh my God I'm a man..

๐ŸŽผFeeling fly like a bird..

๐ŸŽผWith tattoos on my hand..

I danced recklessly to the sound of the music the DJ was playing while Jeremy sat at the corner of the club eyeing me suspiciously...

‘Come on to the dance floor Mr J it's fun'..i said pulling his arm but he shrugged me off..

‘Leave me alone Khris,I don't know how to dance and besides I'm tired'..he said..

‘Okay if you say so'. .i replied and walked back to the dancefloor..

๐ŸŽผWorking on a Weekend like usual..

๐ŸŽผWay off in the deep end like usual..

๐ŸŽผNiggas swear they past us they doing too much...

๐ŸŽผHaven't paid my taxes I'm too turned up..

‘Hey pretty lady you've got some great moves'..A young guy said walking next to me and i smiled..

‘Thanks it's all in the wrist and the waist you see'..i said and he smiled back at me..

‘Do you wanna dance with me??'..he asked and before i could Answer..

‘No she won't dance with you stay away from my wife!!!'..Jeremy screamed..



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