Friday, 26 June 2020



(She's a crazy stripper)

πŸ–€Episode 20πŸ–€


Jeremy's POV

An Hour later
‘Owwww,owww,owww'..I muttered as Khris ushered me onto the bed...

‘Sorry Mr J I didn't know that you're not as strong as you are in the movies'..She said and i frowned...

‘What do you mean by that?!!,what the hell do you mean by that?!!,when a 499 pound lady falls on my bone what did you expect??'..I screamed and she hissed..

‘I'm not a heavy lady Mr J just so you know i just have a lot of Ass and you just can't live with it!!'..i said and walked out of the room...

‘Pack your bags Khris we're leaving tomorrow!!'..he called from behind and i smiled..


I can't believe I'm going to Spain...

I'm gonna have so much fun there..

Twenty minutes later
Ughh I can't seem to find anything to pack..

I have a lot of clothes but i don't know the way people in Spain dress..

I don't want to look like I'm from America..

I want to blend in with the people there...

‘Mrs Silver please can you give me fashion tips,I'm going to Spain'..I said as I went downstairs..

‘Ohhh Khris you don't need any fashion tips,you're beautiful more than you know'..she replied..

‘Ohhh not that Mrs Silver i just don't know what to pack to Spain' ..

‘Okay fine Khris let me finish what I'm doing then I'll come help you'...

Jeremy's POV
The Next Morning✈✈✈
Khris and I got down from the car and walked towards the private jet that i share with Brad Pitt who happened to be a cousin of mine...


Talent runs in the family..

‘Whoa I've never been on a private Jet before I've never even flown out of the county before'..She said and I smirked..

‘Welcome Master Jeremy,your cousin awaits you'..A flight attendant interrupted...

I climbed the stairs and we both sat down on the air seats...

‘Hey man'..Brad said with a smile on his face exposing his dimples..

‘Hey Bro what's up??'..i replied shaking his hands and his darted towards Khristine...

‘Oh beautiful Khris you're here,you look absolutely stunning'..he added kissing her cheeks and she smiled..

‘Hey handsome you're not looking bad yourself'...

He laughed and pressed his lips to her hands and she giggled softly..

Okay what the hell is going on here???..




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